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Open MPI logoIt took us longer than we intended, but we finally released Open MPI v1.7.4.  

Woo hoo!  (we got nice coverage from El Reg, too)

This is a monster release; it represents hundreds (thousands? millions?) of person-hours of work.  Consider this a ginormous “thank you!” to the entire Open MPI community! Special thanks goes to Paul Hargrove of Lawrence Berkeley Labs for his hero efforts in regression testing throughout December and January.

v1.7.4 is the latest in Open MPI’s feature release series; here’s some of the notable new / improved features:

And of course, lots and lots of little bug fixes and small improvements that aren’t worth calling out in detail (see the NEWS file for more information)

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  1. Kathleen McCandless

    I have a java app to parallelize this year. Perfect for C++/MPI, but I wanted to keep it in Java. Crazy? Advice?


    • I’d say that this sounds like the exact case that we created the MPI Java bindings for. Give it a whirl with the Java bindings and send us your feedback — let us know what’s good and what’s bad.

      Oscar Gisbert has been pushing in some further performance improvements after 1.7.4 was released, too — they’ll all be included in 1.7.5, which should be out sometime soon (!) (we had lots of new stuff queued up while 1.7.4 was undergoing its release process, so 1.7.5 isn’t far behind).


  2. Oscar Vega-Gisbert

    I encourage you to use the new Java bindings.
    There is still little information… but you have the Java docs at this location: ompi-install/share/doc/openmpi/javadoc
    Also you can write to the ompi mailing lists.


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