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MPI 2.2: done!

- September 4, 2009 - 0 Comments

From the home office in Helsinki, Finland: MPI-2.2 is done!  It’s done it’s done it’s done!

Finally!  The MPI-2.2 document has been voted in by the MPI Forum.  The official PDF document will be published on soon.  HLRS is selling (at cost) MPI-2.2 books; contact Rolf Rabenseifner if you’re interested (I’ll be getting one!).

I wrote about some notable MPI-2.2 changes in a prior blog entry; I won’t rehash that again. 

Some fun stats about the MPI Forum and the MPI-2.2 document:

  • The MPI-2.2 document represents almost two years of work (the MPI Forum convened for MPI-2.1 in January 2008)
  • The MPI-2.2 document includes 81 individual proposals / changes
  • MPI document page counts:
    • MPI-1.0: 236 pages
    • MPI-1.1: 239 pages
    • MPI-2.0: 376 pages
    • MPI-2.1: 608 pages (it combined the previously-separate MPI-1.1 and MPI-2.0 documents)
    • MPI-2.2: 647 pages

The MPICH2 crew tells me that they’re all-but-done implementing the changes required by MPI-2.2 (i.e., they’ll be in the next MPICH2 release).  We’re just starting work on the MPI-2.2 features in Open MPI; a rough guess is that they’ll probably show up sometime in the v1.5 series.

There will be some minor errata published soon — minor typos that slipped through the MPI-2.2 process — but they’re nothing big to worry about.  Note, too, that the MPI Forum is still hard at work on the MPI-3 document, but that document is at least a year away.

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