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At long last, Craig Rasmussen (from Los Alamos National Laboratory) and I are ready to publish our prototype implementation of the MPI-3 Fortran bindings.  The new MPI-3 Fortran bindings are coming up for their second vote at the upcoming MPI Forum meeting in Chicago; this public release satisfies the “must implement all new proposed behavior” requirement for proposals to get in MPI-3.

The good stuff:

Please download and give this implementation a whirl! We’d love to hear your feedback.

So let’s dive a little deeper into the details…

This implementation completely revamps Open MPI’s Fortran bindings.  Here’s some notable changes:

There are a few limitations to the above features:

As mentioned above, this implementation is a branch from Open MPI’s Subversion trunk.  We’ve actively been keeping up with the SVN trunk HEAD in order to be able to bring it into the mainline SVN someday (soon!).  I’m actually pretty sure that this is the longest branch that I think I’ve ever maintained:


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