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Hardware Locality (hwloc) v1.1 released

December 16, 2010
at 4:20 pm PST

I’m very pleased to announce that we just released Hardware Locality (hwloc) version 1.1.  Woo hoo!

There’s bunches of new stuff in hwloc 1.1:

  • A memory binding interface is the Big New Feature.  It’s available in both the C API and via command line options to tools such as hwloc-bind.
  • We improved lotopo’s logical vs. physical ID numbering.  Logical numbers are now all prefixed with “L#”; physical numbers are prefixed with “P#”.  That’s that, then.
  • “cpusets” are now “bitmaps”, and now have no maximum size; they’re dynamically allocated (especially for machines with huge core counts).
  • Arbitrary key=value caching is available on all objects.

…more after the break.

  • More helpers are available for accelerators and some network types.
  • lstopo graphical outputs now sport a legend specifying what machine it was run on, etc.
  • lstopo has generic input and option command line options, allowing you to force a specific input or output format.
  • More patterns are supported in hwloc-calc and hwloc-distrib.

And bunches of little, probably-otherwise-unnoticeable changes on the back end of things.

Gift the gift of hwloc this holidays!

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