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Happy 1 year anniversary, RCE-Cast!


We were recording an RCE-Cast with the PETSc guys when we realized that we had just about hit our 1 year anniversary; the first recording was posted on January 17, 2009.  Wow!  I had no idea that we had been doing this so long — Brock and I are both very pleasantly surprised that we’ve managed to keep it going this long.

If you’re unaware of RCE-Cast, it’s a podcast about “Research Computing and Engineering” that Brock Palen and I record every two weeks.  We talk to a variety of software and hardware projects, and/or any other topic that seems to be related to HPC- or RCE-like things. 

Here’s an experiment for our next interview with the Condor folks: “tweet @brockpalen questions for #condor next guest on #RCE“.

Here’s some fun RCE-Cast information:

  • Looking over the past year of web stats, shows have been downloaded an average of 332 times.
  • The most popular show (by far) has been the Lustre interview; it has been downloaded 670 (almost 100 more times than its closest competitor, the Hadoop show).
  • 34% of visitors are on Macs; 29% are on Windows.
  • 52% of visitors use Firefox or Mozilla; 17% use iTunes; 11% use Internet Explorer.
  • 97% of visitors use bookmarks or otherwise directly navigate to the site; 1% come from search engines (um, wow!  I don’t know if I believe this stat…)

If you have any HPC- or RCE-related topic that you’d like to hear on the podcast (or if you’d like to be on the show), please submit it to us.

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