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Happy Holidays!

My blog always gets “slow” during late November and most of December.  The podcast suffers, too.

Here’s why…

void november_december(int year) {
    // Uses at least one week
    // Uses about another week
    while (before_christmas()) {
        MPI_Irecv(email, 17, MPI_WORK, ..., &req[i++]);
        MPI_Isend(voicemail_reply, 1, MPI_WORK, ..., &req[i++]);
        MPI_Isend(email_reply, 2, MPI_WORK, ..., &req[i++]);
    // Uses another 2 weeks

…meaning that the sitting-at-my-desk-working time is at least equaled by the away-from-my-desk time in November and December. …but the rest of the world doesn’t seem to recognize that fact (i.e., emails and voicemails pile up). Curses!

But have no fear: the blog and the podcast will be back in January. Until then, everyone have a great holiday!

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  1. But when will you verify if all those tasks are complete successful (MPI_Wait)? Huehihuee... Happy Holidays!