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Euro MPI 2011 Call for Pariticpation

WHAT: EuroMPI 2011 Conference
WHERE: Santorini, Greece
WHEN: September 18-21, 2011


EuroMPI is the primary meeting where the users and developers of MPI and other message-passing programming environments can interact. The 18th European MPI Users’ Group Meeting will be a forum for the users and developers of MPI, but also welcome hybrid programing models that combine message passing with programming of modern architectures such as multi-core, or accelerators.

Through the presentation of contributed papers, poster presentations and invited talks, attendees will have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences to contribute to the improvement and furthering of message-passing and related parallel programming paradigms.

Topics of interest for the meeting include:

  • Algorithms using the message-passing paradigm
  • Applications in science and engineering based on message-passing
  • User experiences in programming heterogeneous systems using MPI
  • Tools and environments for programming heterogeneous systems using MPI
  • MPI implementation issues and improvements
  • Latest extensions to MPI
  • MPI for high-performance computing, clusters and grid environments
  • New message-passing and hybrid parallel programming paradigms
  • Interaction between message-passing software and hardware
  • Fault tolerance in message-passing programs
  • Performance evaluation of MPI applications
  • Tools and environments for MPI

Four invited talks will be given by

  • Pete Beckman, Director, Exascale Technology and Computing Institute
  • George Bosilca, Research Professor, Innovative Computing Laboratory,UTK
  • Michael Resch, Director, High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
  • Sudip Dosanjh, Senior Manager, Sandia National Laboratories

In the scientific program 29 selected papers will be presented, including two best papers, and 9 poster/short presentations.

The Special Session on Improving MPI User And Developer Interaction (IMUDI) will be held in conjunction with EuroMPI ( on Wednesday 21st September. In IMUDI two invited talks will be given and three papers will be presented.

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