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I have nothing deep to say for this week’s blog entry since I’m sitting here in the Portland convention center feverishly working to finish my SC09 slides.  My partner in Fortran crime, Craig Rasmussen, is sitting next to me, feverishly working on our prototype Fortran 2003 MPI bindings implementation so that we can hand out proof-of-concept tarballs at the MPI Forum BOF on Wednesday evening.

All in all — it’s a normal beginning to Supercomputing.  Wink

The #SC09 twitter feed is going crazy with about 6 billion tweets.  Just make sure you use the patented SC09 Fist Bump when in Portland.

Also be sure to drop by and see me in the Cisco Booth (#1847 — get a Cisco t-shirt!).  I’ll be walking around the floor for the Gala opening, but I have booth duty most mornings this week.  I’ll also be at the Open MPI BOF on Wednesday at 12:15pm and the MPI Forum BOF, also on Wednesday, but at 5:30pm.

We’re pleased to host a few 15 minute Open MPI-related talks in the Cisco booth this week:

I’m giving a few booth talks at the Cisco booth, too — stop by the see the exact schedule.  I’m also speaking at the Mellanox and Indiana U. booths.

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