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Building 3rd party Open MPI plugins

Over the past several years, multiple organizations have approached me asking how to develop their own plugins outside of the official Open MPI tree.  As a community, Open MPI hasn’t really been good about providing a good example of how to do this.

Today, I published three examples of compiling Open MPI plugins outside of the official source tree.  A Mercurial repository is freely clonable from my Bitbucket hosting:

(MOVED: See below)

This repository might get moved somewhere more official (e.g., inside Open MPI’s SVN), but for the moment, it’s an easily-publishable location for sharing with the world.

(UPDATE: the code has been moved to the main Open MPI SVN repository; look under contrib/build-mca-comps-outside-of-tree in the trunk and release branches starting with v1.4)

There’s three example components in the sample project:

  • One for Open MPI v1.4 plugins
  • One for Open MPI v1.5/v1.6 plugins
  • One for Open MPI SVN trunk (i.e., what will eventually become v1.7/v1.8 plugins)

The configury is a bit different between each of the three, which is why I showed each of them explicitly.


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