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The Eight Social Media Commandments

- November 24, 2009 - 6 Comments

Yes, social media is new, funky, and exciting, but how do we leverage it in a meaningful way for business? (And measure the results, too?) Will McInnes, Managing Director at social media strategy firm NixonMcInnes, helps clients answer those very questions every day.

McInnes chatted with me about the eight social media commandments, why immediacy equals success online, the OODA loop, how to get started with social media, and the importance of listening.

If you haven’t gotten started with social media, perhaps it’s at the end of your to-do list behind walking the dog and doing the laundry. By the way, “Start now” is one of the key commandments. Find out what other commandments are on his list in this video interview:

What social media commandments are on your list? For those who haven’t gotten started, what is holding you back?

Please share your thoughts in the comments and log into the Channels Buzz partner community to share social media best practices with other partners and learn more about how to create successful strategies of your own for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.

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  1. Good thoughts Alexandra. I believe each social media entity carries with it a distinctive age group and type. For example myspace being the youngest, twitter being the oldest, and linkedin being the business crowd, and facebook the middle of the road. When considering your target age group and commandments, remember each population has very different bedside manners when it comes to social networking.

  2. There are multiple approaches to social media marketing. I use Linkedin for business networking, Twitter for general promotions and Facebook for communicating with groups and fans, works well for me.

  3. I have not own any special strategy for social media, But I have learned from last one year of experience that for make brand our name on social media we have to involve on it, we have to talk with other fellow and should have to give some good advice.I believe that social media is one good strategy for drive traffic.

  4. Great input, i think the need to speed up business decisions with respect to the Internet is especially poignant. I think businesses in general will be slow on the uptake for some time to come - all the while they are missing out big time................

  5. You may have noticed that Will covered only four of the eight commandments in this interview. If you want to catch the other four commandments, we'll be posting video from all of the Velocity conference speakers, including Will. If you're a registered Cisco partner or Cisco employee, head over to the Velocity site and log in to view the videos from all of the speakers, handouts, presentations, even the playlist of music from the event. Everything will be posted on November 30 at noon ET."

  6. Will was a terrific speaker. He had some really great insite on taking the overwhelming topic of social media. Lots to do...where to start?!? Put up my first blog and feel really inspired. Great talk!