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This year’s Partner Summit in Boston opened with a thunderous boom as Keith Goodwin launched a number of initiatives as part of Navigate to Accelerate, to help partners weather the economic storm and prepare for the upturn. During his keynote, he announced the news.
Learn more details on the announcements after the jump. And, if you want to get involved the thriving virtual Partner Summit community, watch playbacks of the keynotes, and network, visit the Virtual Partner Summit site and sign up. Highlights of Partner Announcements at Partner Summit 2009:
1. Cisco Capital will offer up to 90-day terms and expand this program across all theaters—meaning many of you will have access to 90-day terms. starting June 1. And increasing terms from 60-90 days for the next six months.2. Fixing the Channels Booking Neutrality issue FY10 Q2. We have reworked our internal systems so that Cisco account managers recognize credit for all orders as soon as they are entered, regardless of whether they are ordered directly from Cisco or through Distribution.3. Customer Base: significant new initiatives to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

4. New Managed Services Channel program, a growth opportunity to help Cisco and its partners make money together.
It’s important that we focus on the future to position us for upturn. This is where we will accelerate.

And, finally, Cisco is going to reward partners for selling all of the technologies associated with each of these architectures--Next Generation VIP. Since inception, Cisco has written checks to partners for almost $2.5B. You have reinvested that in your business. Now we are adding routing, switching and select emerging technologies in VIP beginning FY10 Q1.

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