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The Role of the Platform in Cloud Service Delivery

Get Onboard With The Cloud
Doesn’t it sometimes seem like we live in a world where the technology band wagon is rolling forward at warp speed. Cloud computing is the technology topic on every IT manager’s mind these days, as it promises the prospect of reducing IT costs, freeing up resources and relieving headaches.

But how do you get onboard? You need to think creatively to attract customers. Cloud service providers need to differentiate their services, to add value, and reassure customers of reliability.

The key to delivering a compelling service is to build it on a converged compute platform that is optimized for the cloud, like Vblock. With the Vblock platform Cisco partners can address the concerns and challenges of enterprise customers who are looking to move their data center operations and applications to the cloud.

Let’s take a closer look at ways that service providers can differentiate services, assure customers that solutions are reliable, and help customers move to the cloud with confidence.

The Cloud Service Opportunity
The cloud delivery model is an opportunity for service providers to develop new services that meet the changing needs of customers. But to succeed in this evolving marketplace, service providers must offer added value when competing with established Over-the-Top (OTT) providers.

The key to delivering a compelling service is to build it on a converged compute platform optimized for the cloud. Adding service-level agreements (SLAs) for enterprise customers for whom performance, security, and availability are paramount can reassure customers that their applications are hosted on optimized platforms and delivered from reliable data centers that will be consistently available.

This is a motivator for customers who are considering moving to the cloud-computing environment to enter in to longer-term contracts.
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Want the Latest Partner News in One Place? There’s an App for That

June 23, 2011 at 1:31 pm PST

If you’re like the nearly 30% of mobile workers who check their smartphones every six-to-12 minutes during downtime – for those doing the math, that’s nearly 80 times a day provided that you’re not checking during work hours or in your sleep—you want easy ways to help you keep up with the latest news and info.

Now there’s a way to keep track of the latest Cisco partner news from your phone: the new Cisco Partners app. It’s available to all iPhone and Android mobile devices users for free!

The Cisco Partners app gives you access to late-breaking Cisco partner news, how-to articles, tips, program updates, the most current blog posts, and our video library – all at your fingertips. Plus, you can share with friends and colleagues using social media.

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Social Media Spotlight: Six Must-Follow Rules for Minding Your Twitter Manners

If you’re an active Twitter user, then you know that working within the confines of Twitter’s restrictive character limit can be tough—what’s the best way to cram in a catchy message, a link, and a few important hashtags without exceeding 140 characters?

I know I’ve struggled to write catchy tweets—sometimes I feel proud of my messages, other times, I feel like they just enter the Twitter stream only to be completely ignored. So I set out to get some advice, and turned to our resident expert, Alex Krasne, for her tips.

Alex is a veritable Twitter expert, having used the service for years, both for personal use as well as through @Cisco_Channels. She offered me some advice on how to get the most out of Twitter, and how to tweet effectively to reach your ideal audience.

In addition to her tips, Alex has advice on how to mind your Twitter manners. Watch her video to see what you need to know to maintain and grow, rather than alienate your followers.

So what do you need to know to use Twitter effectively? Here’s what Alex recommends.

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Do You Know What’s Running on Your Network?

Funny thing about myths—they always seem to spread quickly. But more often than not, they’re not based in fact. We’ve all wondered if Elvis really did just leave the building, or whether the Loch Ness monster does exist. (To our knowledge, neither is true.)

But myths are really easy to debunk—especially myths about “good-enough” networks. We’ve debunked a lot of myths about them lately: You now know that networks don’t serve a single purpose, you can’t simply bolt-on security or basic QoS; you can’t lock yourself into a standards-based network, and you can’t just consider a network’s acquisition cost.

So now it’s time to debunk the last myth: The Application and End-Point Ignorant Network myth. If you’ve outfitted your business with a good-enough network, then you’ll be out in the cold when you want to know what is happening—a good-enough network won’t provide the tools you need to solve real performance, endpoint, and application challenges.

Thankfully, next-generation networks today have the ability to understand the applications being run. A next-generation network can also see the end-users of those applications, and even deduce what devices they are using. Cisco provides these three things combined in the AppVelocity Network Service, and a “good-enough” network can’t deliver these capabilities. Read More »

Top Cisco Partner Headlines, in less than 5 Minutes

June 16, 2011 at 2:18 pm PST

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here and we’ve got a fresh batch of news for partners!

In this week’s Partner Update newscast, Andrew finds out that even though an actual cloud can’t stream his music, Cisco’s new Cloud Partner Program offers everything partners need to capitalize on the growth of cloud, which is expected to reach $172 billion by the year 2014.

We also get to hear Andrew’s top video tips, find out why his suit needs to go to the dry cleaners, learn about networking myths, find out how one customer deployed VXI and virtual desktops, and we answer your technical questions.

Watch this week’s Partner Update newscast.

Keep reading for a transcript of what we covered, links to what we shared, and additional information. Read More »

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