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How Does Cisco’s Partner-to-Partner Collaboration Work?

If your customers are asking for managed services, but you don’t have an infrastructure in place just yet, partner-to-partner collaboration may be that missing puzzle piece you need.

Essentially, traditional partners can out-task their NOCs to partners like Heit who already have an infrastructure in place. Heit manages the services remotely — whether they include unified communications, routing, switching, or servers — and traditional VARs benefit from infrastructures that are already built. But the best part is that you still manage the front-end relationship with the client. Win win, right?

In the video below, Todd Roth, Cisco’s Director of WW Channels Strategy, and Heit CEO Dan Holt break it down and walk us through the process.

Do you have any questions about managed services or partner-to-partner collaboration? Do you have a success story to share? Please post those questions and comments below.

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