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Did you know that by 2016, two thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video? And by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet? This is huge. Plus, the global cloud market will grow nearly 500 percent by 2020. For me, this means I get to communicate with bunches of new people!

For your customers, it means figuring out how to tap into this major shift to empower employees to engage in entirely new ways. It’s also about putting the collaboration solutions in place to help their workforces evolve from knowledge workers to next-generation collaborative innovators.

This transition presents an exciting—and profitable—opportunity for our partners. And Cisco just sweetened the pot with its launch of new products, services, and promotions at the Collaboration Partner Summit in Los Angeles.

Want to accelerate your collaboration sales? Find out what’s new.

Empower, Engage, Innovate—Cisco Collaboration Solutions Enable the New Collaborative Workspace

Cisco is converging social, mobile, video, and virtual communications capabilities to shape the new collaborative experience. And with this week’s announcements, no other company empowers individual collaboration style as well as Cisco.

But what offers can you leverage to help your customers successfully navigate this transition—and increase your wallet share? Here are the highlights.

Cisco Collaboration Products: New HCS Offerings, Faster to the ‘Yes’, Simplified Licensing, and More

Cisco Collaboration Services Increase Partner Revenue, increase Opportunities

As part of the launch, Cisco is also making updated marketing plays available to support your collaboration demand-generation initiatives and new promotions to help you displace competitors, upgrade your existing customer installed base, and sell the entire Cisco collaboration portfolio.

So what are you waiting for? Start talking with your customers today. They understand the world of work is changing, but they need your help with the transformation.

Also, visit our Collaboration Launch site for complete product and services information, plus financing offers; sales and marketing tools and programs; and training and support.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll go upgrade my smartphone.

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