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Welcome to our first installment of “Partner Update” a new Web show where we cover the latest Cisco partner news in just five minutes (or less, as was the case this time). We know you may be inundated with news and information, so these short, informative broadcasts will provide all the latest news in an easy-to-digest format.

Of course, this new show is for you, partners, so please drop us a line with suggestions or ideas for things to cover. We’d also like to feature partners and customers on the show regularly, so let us know if you’re doing something innovative, if you have a great success story, or want to share your opinions.

For links and a transcript of what we covered in the broadcast, keep reading…

We’ll be watching Twitter for other interesting updates. If you think your tweet should be showcased as our Tweet of the Week, let us know by tweeting it to us @Cisco_Channels.

Finally, head to our Facebook page to answer this question: What request do you get most often from customers?
Your response could be featured on an upcoming broadcast or in a video.

Thanks for watching. As always, we want to hear from you! Keep us posted on innovative things you’re doing or if you think there’s something we should cover in an upcoming broadcast. Until then, you stay classy, partners!

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