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In today’s tough selling climate, are your customers anxious for data? For “proof” that selecting your practice—and Cisco—as their trusted business advisor is the best choice? If so, today is a great day!

Everything Channel, a UBM company, named its 27th Annual Report Card (ARC) winners at the XChange Americas conference, in Dallas, Texas this week. And guess who won big? Yep, Cisco. And so did you!

This means you have the extra ammunition you need when going up against competitors to close deals. It also means we owe you a huge “thank you.”

The annual ARC awards recognize technology vendors that received the highest grades from their top partners in three categories: Product Innovation, Support, and Partnership, with the combined scores leading to an Overall winner.

Thousands of partners voted and Cisco is the Overall winner in five of the 23 categories. Also, this was the first year we participated in the Midrange Servers category and we swept the award against the traditional powerhouses, winning Overall and in every sub-category. We also snagged a ninth consecutive win in the Unified Communications category.

Check out our other wins in this handy infographic and please be sure to share it across your social networks.


What else happened at the ARC Awards? Edison Peres, SVP, Worldwide Partner Organization, accepted the awards on behalf of Cisco and gave a toast to acknowledge all of the partners and the hard work they do for vendors.

Stay tuned for more covereage and video interviews from the event.

Here’s a breakdown of Cisco’s ARC wins:

In total, Cisco won awards in nearly one fourth of ARC’s 23 categories. That’s more than any other vendor.

We appreciate the loyalty of our partners, and look forward to continuing to help partners grow their businesses. And one way we can accomplish this is by earning accolades to enhance your selling power!

So get out there and share the good news. You have a lot to be proud of.

Which of these wins is most impactful for your business? Please share your comments below.

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