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Want to work globally—without setting up shop around the world? Today, you can do just that by joining the Cisco Global Partner Network (GPN). This forward-thinking program provides partners with access to global commerce capabilities. This means that you can more easily meet the global needs of your customers.

Here’s how it works. The GPN framework follows a five-step deal management process, which enables you, the “host” partner, to collaborate with “agent” local partners to deliver globally coordinated solutions to your customers.

To accomplish this, partners simply need to establish an agency relationship with other qualified Cisco partners and distributors (who are also enrolled in GPN) outside of your territory. You maintain ownership of the relationship with your customer and completely manage the global deal using Cisco Commerce Workspace. It’s a win-win situation for all parties, and here’s why you should get involved. 

Host Partner Benefits

Agent Partner Benefits

Customer Benefits

  • Ability to consolidate suppliers and work with preferred partners
  • Lower overall cost of procuring Cisco solutions
  • Product discount consistency and predictability
  • Stronger governance of global IT budgets and standards

Ready to join the Global Partner Network?
To find out more about growing your business outside your geographic region, visit the Global Partner Network site on Partner Central. You’ll find more details about the program, including information on eligibility, enrollment, and the GPN 5-Step Global Deal Management process.

Is this a solution you’ve been waiting for and will you be signing up? Let us know what you think about this new program in the comments.

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