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A Better Cisco Software Experience For Partners

- March 19, 2013 - 4 Comments

Partners, the Cisco software simplification team has heard you loud and clear on software licensing. You want a better Cisco software experience, from how you request a quote to how you activate and manage your software.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that on March 18 Cisco took a major step to simplify and unify this experience. New for Cisco partners is Cisco Software Central, a site that provides one-stop access for:

  • Quoting, ordering and delivery of software and licensing documents
  • Registering software products and obtaining license files
  • Downloading minor upgrades and patches
  • Ordering major version upgrades

The ultimate goal was to make this site easy to use, and to present you with relevant content and links to applications such as Cisco Commerce Workspace, eDelivery, License Registration and  Product Upgrade Tool, based on your entitlement and access rights.

I asked Martin Coombes, the business lead on the project team that developed the site, for an example of the simplified process. Martin is a Capabilities Product Manager for the SmartWeb Technology Group in Cisco Services, focused on software distribution. He had this to say:

“In the past, you had to use and remember a different URL for every software ordering and management tool you needed, and you might not have been aware of the latest tool enhancement because you had to keep track of so many destinations. Now, with Cisco Software Central, you only need one URL that gets you to all of the latest tools in the same place.”

Here’s what Software Central looks like:

Software Central Screen Shot

The Order and Delivery Tools section gets you to all of the tools you need to:

  • Create and view system configurations
  • Create, view and share Deals and Quotes
  • Create Orders and view Orders and Invoices
  • Check your Order Status

It also links you to information and tools for software eDelivery.

The License section gets you quickly to the tools you need to:

  • View and manage all of your product  licenses
  • Easily register and download new product licenses
  • Get and resend existing licenses
  • Transfer licenses between devices
  • Request demonstration and evaluation licenses

The Upgrades and Updates section makes it easy to:

  • Get application upgrades
  • Download the latest software patches and releases

Cisco Partner Central is the foundation for Cisco’s move towards a much simpler software experience overall. The site is engineered to be flexible and new content will be added based on the feedback the software team receives from you.

Let us know how we can make it even better.


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  1. In our announcement of Cisco Software Central we highlighted the benefits to partners of this new site that provides a simplified end-to-end software experience. I'd like to emphasize that this site benefits customers as well as partners. The site is designed to make life easier for anyone involved in: • Quoting, ordering and delivery of software and licensing documents • Registering software products and obtaining license files • Downloading minor upgrades and patches • Ordering major version upgrades We encourage partners to let your customers know about this major improvement in software lifecycle management. They can access the site directly at, or through links on the "How To Buy" and "Products and Services" pages. We know that when we make life better for your customers we make life better for you, our partner. And please do submit any Feedback on Software Central itself, we'd love to hear any suggestions for improvements!

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  3. Neat stuff guys! What I am missing for it to be perfect - link to SORT tools.

  4. Great news Cisco! The new tool looks great and I'm looking forward to using it. Now if it only had a nice URL like