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How Smart Grid and Broadband Work Together

…ed to do it in a way that protects our livelihoods, creates jobs and supports economic growth around the globe. Smart grids will likely be part of the solution. A recent Broadband Breakfast meeting in Washington, D.C., focused on smart grid innovation — the idea of creating an energy grid that collects and transmits usage information in such a way that utilities can become more efficient and their customers can become more informed. To lea…


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Cisco Drives Innovation and Open Source Collaboration for Smart Grid

…) have begun an open source project intended to foster further innovation and faster adoption of IP-standards in smart grid.  Together, the two aim to provide an implementation framework for synchronized phasor measurement communications that will help more quickly bring this valuable technology to the fore. Synchrophasors are an important element in making the electrical infrastructure more stable and reliable. Analysis of past electricity black…


Will ‘good enough’ be enough? Take 2

…nough enough when you are moving data and web servers, but what about when it becomes the lifeline for the power grid?It was a good article that you can find here: Smart grid security: Will ‘good enough’ be enough? It goes on to say that we should assume that the network has already been compromised, because if someone really want to get to you, they will. So how do we deal with the advanced persistent threats when we are talking abou…


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Cisco and Harris Corporation Help Improve Electrical Infrastructure in Western U.S.

…lity companies and other organizations to promote increased visibility and reliability in the power system using smart grid synchronized phasor (synchrophasor) technology. Synchrophasors were chosen for their ability to provide real-time, synchronized measurements typically at up to 30 or 60 samples per second in the U.S. and 25 or 50 samples per second in Europe, delivering valuable information at the system level that can lead to better plannin…


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Evolution of Cisco’s Energy Strategy

…rking products and solutions (for example, EnergyWise) as part of our integrated architecture within the broader smart grid effort. For building energy management, this means we are actively pursuing several strategic options for Cisco’s Network Building Mediator and Mediator Manager product line, with an emphasis on minimizing the impact on current customers, partners and employees.  For energy management in the home, we will transition our focu…


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