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Helping the Open Internet to Thrive

…that define how different products made by different vendors will work together.  Without standards, the Internet as we know it would not exist. Cisco is proud that our employees have played leading roles in the creation of interoperability standards, just as they have invented many of the foundational technologies used in the global data network.  As a result of their efforts, Cisco has a portfolio of telecom and networking patents, including…


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Cisco Demonstrates IPv6 Interoperability”

…that by June 6, 2012 all participants will permanently enable IPv6 on their networks and websites. Since deployment of IPv6 requires an industry-wide response we recently teamed with Excentis to participate in a multi-vendor interoperability evaluation program for the European Cable Industry. The Cisco test team: Naveen Kini, John Knox, Arkadiusz Kaliwoda, Siva Ramalingam Given the breadth of our solution it should not be surprising that Cisco…


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Addressing the FCoE “Ready-For-Prime-Time” Question

…mpleted and the implementation tested, working, and available, it is not clear what “prime time” we are waiting for. Could it be… Question 3. Will FCoE interoperate between vendors? Statement 3. There is no interoperability between vendors On the face of it, this is simply not true. The Fibre Channel Industry Association regularly holds plug-fests with several switch, storage, and server vendors that consistently strive to…


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The Update on Video Interoperability: What’s coming at InfoComm 2011

…mind: interoperability. In the video below, Thomas describes the customer feedback he’s been hearing, including their biggest pain points when it comes to deploying and using video solutions, as well as his vision for interoperability in the future. Where do we see interoperability in the next 2-3 years? As you can watch in the clip, Thomas discusses how crucial interoperability is to increasing video adoption across an organization…


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Cisco TelePresence, One Year Later

…ingle call control infrastructure based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager so that voice and video work the same for users — Led the drive to interoperability through industry standards by placing the Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) into the public domain and creating market leading infrastructure products like Cisco TelePresence Server which connects any Cisco endpoint with products from Polycom, LifeSize and others…