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A Crypto Conversation: How We Choose Algorithms

…e tested” are all characteristics and processes that go into “secure enough or not” decisions. Interoperability — Given the need to securely talk with other devices on the Internet, we are compelled to ensure that there are interoperable, secure crypto options within our products. As a direct result of customer feedback, we strive to achieve interoperability using international standards. Our customers prefer standards, as they…


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A Global Standard for Narrowband Power Line Communications

…nt, with publishing of the finished document expected by the end of 2013. HomePlug Netricity for Conformance and Interoperability Certification With the imminent arrival of the 1901.2 standard comes the need for a certification program to insure product conformance to the specification and interoperability between multiple vendor’s product offerings.  The HomePlug Powerline Alliance is rising to this challenge.  HomePlug’s Netricity program, wit…


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Realizing the Promise of Safety and Security for Businesses, Governments and People, Everywhere

The New York Times provides us with daily stories and often highlights insights and aspects of safety and security challenges that impact people, businesses, governments and the global economy. Our ability to provide for the safety and security of people, communities, businesses everywhere, across a nation or region, will impact to a very large degree, the future economic growth, prosperity, stability, and sustainability of a region or nation. …


Cisco UCS Migrates Server Identities Faster and Easier than HP

At some point, every data center has to migrate a complete server identity between two servers.  This could be driven by maintenance needs, server upgrades or DR/HA and SLA requirements.  For DR/HA, Business Continuity requirements mandate that this be done as quickly as possible, which means automation is critical to drive time to productivity restoration.  True automation equals fewer steps and faster implementation, with the smallest possibil…


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The Evolving UC Market: Cisco has you covered

Over the last few years, changes in computing, mobility, video and cloud have transformed the collaboration market profoundly and permanently. By listening to our customers and constantly innovating and improving on our market-leading Unified Communications platform, Cisco has been able to keep pace with these drastic market shifts.  Our customers and the industry are recognizing these efforts, and as a result, I am pleased to announce that Cisc…


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