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Securing Employee Device Freedom

As a business or technical leader, you know you need to protect your company in a rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem. However, threats are not always obvious. As malware and attacks become more sophisticated over time, business decision makers must work with technical decision makers to navigate security threats in a mobile world. I’m excited to introduce a new blog series, authored by Kathy Trahan, which will explore the topic of enterprise mobi…


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HAVEX Proves (Again) that the Airgap is a Myth: Time for Real Cybersecurity in ICS Environments

…nergy industry, and specifically power plants based in Europe, seems to be the primary target. See Cisco’s security blog post for technical details on this latest variant. When I discuss security with those managing SCADA, ICS and other OT environments, I almost always get the feedback that cybersecurity isn’t required, because their systems are physically separated from the open Internet. This practice, referred to in ICS circles as the “a…


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Is Your Team Prepared for a Cyber Attack? Get Ready with CyberRange Training

…r it. Seeing is believing: Today I am excited to share this video from our Cisco Korea team that showcases Cisco CyberRange. Cybersecurity threats pose a serious challenge, and there is nothing better than having a simulated environment that is adapted to the specific threats of your industry or vertical market. Many of the renowned standards for security call for similar training and exercises, which are sometimes referred to as “Red Te…


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Cisco Prepares Young People for Cyber Security Careers

…oung women to be the designers, to be the planners, to be the operators of these very technical systems.” The CyberPatriot competition for high school students was created by the Air Force Association to inspire high school students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Two years ago, Cisco engineers volunteered to develop a networking security component and Corporate Aff…


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New blueprint for data center security

…  Attack Chain   The Threat Management with NextGen IPS First Look Design Guide also introduces a new security model, the attack continuum, which identifies each of the critical processes integral to a complete security system. This model addresses the cyber threat problem by looking at the actions to take before, during, and after an attack, across a broad range of attack vectors such as endpoints, mobile devices, data center assets,…