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What You Should Know About Tech Careers Of The Future

…n the future for IOE – Business Transformation specialists, Cloud brokers, Network Programmers, Data Scientists, Cyber Security becomes more pervasive and the networking career becomes much more specialized. World Bank Studies estimate that over the next ten years there will be two million unfilled ICT-related jobs globally. To connect the unconnected, it is estimated that 220,000 new engineers are required every year from 2014-2022. IoE will cre…


Energy Networking Convergence Part 2: Cyber & Physical Security

…they be managed by IT.  A hard lesson was learned that just as the organization, including IT, required physical security, video surveillance and badge access control, the physical security department needed the cyber security expertise of IT to protect the communication and information integrity of networked physical security systems. Convergence is sometimes regarded as the use of physical location as a criteria for network access.  Restricting…


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How Cisco Helped Solutionary Boost Security and Improve their Hadoop Performance

Every day, security threats continue to evolve, as cyber attackers continue to exploit gaps in basic security controls. In fact, the federal government alone has experienced a 680% increase in cyber security breaches in the past six years, and cybersecurity attacks against the US average 117 per day. Globally, the estimated annual cost of cybercrime is over $100 billion. Often, even when security breaches are identified, it can be extremely diff…


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Summary: Extended By Popular Demand: The Cisco IoT Security Grand Challenge

Since its announcement at the RSA 2014 conference, the security community has been actively involved in the Cisco IoT Security Grand Challenge. The response has been so great that we’ve decided to extend the deadline by two more weeks — so you now have until July 1st, 2014 to make your submission! Visit for full details about the challenge and prepare your response. Good luck! Read the full blog for more info…


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IT Spending: Top 8 Areas Where Banks Are Spending Their 2014 IT Budget

…can now build secure hybrid clouds and extend their existing data centers to public clouds as needed on demand. SecurityCyber security will obviously continue to have a significant impact on budgets. A few areas that Cisco has industry leading solutions: Managed Threat Defense – An on-premises solution that applies real-time, predictive analytics to detect attacks and protect against advanced malware across customers’ extended networks. This…


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