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Cloudy with a Chance of Scalable Malware Protection

…– all linked by cloud services. To some the cloud is an attack vector while to others it’s a business enabler. Security as a Service bridges these two definitions to deliver the scale of cloud engines to address security challenges found anywhere in the Modern Network, whether physical, virtual, local or remote. Two recent stories from our Cloud Web Security (CWS) Service , illustrate the power of the cloud to address security concerns. The firs…


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Cisco Cloud Security for Public and Private Cloud – A Secure, and Compliant Cloud Data Center

…es impacting privacy of millions of hapless people across the globe has become the stirring news. This spree of cyber attacks unveiling the fact that information security industry, organizations and even governments are vulnerable to today’s persistent, well-organized and sophisticated cyber threats. There was a common theme among all the recent data breaches shown below and that is the amount of time for initial detection, which is in weeks and…


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Partner Voices: Back to the Future. Lifecycle Management in 2014.

…t with a baseline and a plan to remediate the most serious issues, and let’s be clear, this doesn’t always mean security. Product maintenance lapses could leave an organization just as vulnerable as a cyber-attack. Infrastructure elements that are not under a valid services contract could be the biggest security risk you face. What happens if a device goes down but you can’t get that product replaced because it’s not covered? Are you willing to w…


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Driving Agility and Innovation Through Software”

In the US, this is the time of year when holiday shopping kicks into high gear. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday and beyond, retailers begin their big push to drive nearly a quarter of their annual revenue. And whether their customers are online or inside a traditional store, retailers today have the ability to understand shopper behavior better than ever before. This information – from purchasing patterns and advertising effectiveness to dwell…


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Key Considerations for Threat-Based Security Programs”>three

As we often say at Cisco, every business is a security business. That’s been true ever since widespread online presence led to widespread cyber threats. It became even more applicable as those threats became more sophisticated and less detectable. And now, with the Internet of Everything (IoE), that phrase is more relevant than ever before. Cisco estimates that by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected, whether you know it or not. Other adva…