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Key Considerations for Threat-Based Security Programs”>three

As we often say at Cisco, every business is a security business. That’s been true ever since widespread online presence led to widespread cyber threats. It became even more applicable as those threats became more sophisticated and less detectable. And now, with the Internet of Everything (IoE), that phrase is more relevant than ever before. Cisco estimates that by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected, whether you know it or not. Other adva…


A Model for Evaluating Breach Detection Readiness

…d spot for oneself, traits that are hidden from others, and the unknown traits. A similar model can be used for cyber security breach readiness too. The Johari Windows model for evaluating breach detection readiness of an organization looks like this Open/Arena This window represents traits of a breach that are known to the analyst as well as known to others (which could be security researchers, open threat communities or even adversaries). Exam…


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Understanding and Addressing the Challenges of Managing Information Security – A More Responsive Approach

…logy developers, whose actions in designing software programs may unknowingly create software bugs or potential security risks because of their interactions with other non-tested, non-secure network systems and cyber environments. With the constant challenge of resource limitations exacerbated by the pressure of meeting accelerated timelines and business demands, not all software bugs are uncovered within the development timeline. Even when these…


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Exciting Fourth Edition of SecCon-X Bangalore”>SecCon-X

…n the event, which enabled Cisco to communicate our vision, demonstrate our solutions, and hear from customers on the challenges they faced in the evolving threat landscape. Events like Hack Your Device (7 teams filed security defects on various products), Capture The Flag (116 participated and 10 captured all the flags), and a Lunch & Learn session for Cisco Women in Cyber Security, were well arranged and much appreciated by all attendees….


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Understand how the Intercloud elegantly meets Public Sector IT requirements

…ltogether – their journey to the cloud: Data sovereignty Budget reduction DC interconnection DevOps enablement Cyber Security Public worker re-skilling Supplier agility (fear of vendor lock-in) Cloud Service Brokerage Transparency and Trust To understand the nature of these requirements, as well as how the Intercloud is elegantly solving the issues, I invite you to read our recent white paper titled “Understand how the Intercloud elegantly meet…


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