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Technology Innovation: The Key to Solving Some of Our Most Pressing Transportation Challenges

…never been quicker or easier. However, there are a few key global trends driving the need to invest further in transportation technology. With the growing wave of urbanization, the aging of the population, and the resulting global demands on supply chains in developed and developing nations, current transportation systems will have a difficult time keeping up with demand. These trends are converging to create a remarkable challenge for our trans…


Cisco’s Visual Networking Index: Understanding the Evolution of Internet Users, Devices and Connections

…mber of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications, such as smart meters, video surveillance, healthcare monitoring, transportation, and package or asset tracking, also are causing connection growth. According to VNI, M2M modules will account for 35% (7.3 billion) of all networked devices in 2018, compared to 19% (2.3 billion) in 2013, (25.8% CAGR). Devices such as smartphones and tablets accounted for 6% of global IP traffic in 2013, and will be 31%…


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Delivering Better Transportation Solutions In a Connected World With Cisco IoE”>watch

Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, the U.S. Department of Transportation.  It’s no surprise why they were front and center at the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress which wrapped up in Detroit last week.   But, Cisco? Barry Einsig, Cisco Global Transportation Executive and John Gillan, Sales Relationship Manager for Cisco Advanced Services prepare for a customer meeting at ITS World Congress. “Reinventing Transportation in our Connect…


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Location Based Services Enabling Smart Connected Cities

…erent areas to create color-coded maps. City planners use the location information to plan both development and transportation initiatives and changes. 4. People who come to the city enjoy new experiences—which keep them coming back. They can look up today’s events on touchscreen kiosks at bus stops. Find and reserve parking spaces from their smartphones. Decide where to have a picnic after checking out air quality in different parts of the city….


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Internet of Things – The Technical Reality

…uting elements – can create a smart environment with a wide range of applications in healthcare, public safety, transportation, utilities, and the home. For many years, utility companies had no real visibility to their systems. People had to call to report trouble. Equipment problems were not discovered until they failed and created outages. This all meant that life for those impacted stopped as the utility scrambled to restore service. All witho…


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