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The Smart City Council – Accelerating an Exciting Growth

…proach and manage these types of situations. Driven by Cisco’s vision for the Internet of Everything (IoE), our Smart+Connected Communities program supports the integration of intelligent networking technologies to connect cities and help leaders address these challenges. However, we fully understand that this is not a one-shot solution. The transformation of cities not only requires relevant technologies and a change in the way we think, but als…


Learning Hubs: Where Learning Takes Place in a Digital World

…r more hubs) via high-definition video-conferencing or telepresence facilities Learning hubs can be located in Smart Work Centers, university and school campuses with spare real estate, community centers, and other places. Or, they can be “pop-up” hubs—physical spaces connected through high-end video-conferencing technology to enable city-to-city and multicity events—that meet specific, short-term needs. Dialogue Café is one example of a pop-up…


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Cloud for Local Government Global Blog Series, Cloud and the Smart City: A Brighter Tomorrow”

…ork remotely, through the cloud, further enhances the capability for sustainable, effective city management. As Smart City visions emerge in various projects in local government, we will see a combination of new ways of thinking, designing, planning, executing, and managing. Busan, South Korea has already discovered the powerful benefits of cloud infrastructure to create Smart+Connected Communities solutions. The government partnered with compani…


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Work and Learning in a Digital World

…ntry transformation. Much of the change under way contains, at its core, a new relationship among individuals, communities, employers, public authorities, and educational institutions. Indicative of these profound cultural shifts in society are two inherently, related trends Cisco IBSG calls Smart Work and Learning—an act of production performed independent of time and place. The responsibility to enable a Smart Work and Learning culture lies no…


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What is a City, and How Does it Get Smarter?

…e perspectives, and applied this idea to cities. Alexander’s work has been a pillar of my team’s exploration on smart cities. In my view, he stands along with Paul Baran (Figure 2), Carlota Perez, and Bill Mitchell as an originator of this entire debate. Figure 2 – Interconnected Communities: Like the Internet? Source: Baran, 1962 The paper I wrote with my Cisco IBSG colleague Gordon Falconer last year set out one direction for research th…


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