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Innovation for Every Type of Customer Expands Partner Opportunities

…s leading up to Collaboration Summit 2014 this week in Los Angeles. In addition to yesterday’s news, today, the innovation continues as we announce two new Business Edition collaboration solutions for businesses of every size. Designed for partners to take to market, these packaged collaboration solutions make it easier for you to sell, deploy, and manage. Packaged Collaboration for Every Size Business The new Cisco Business Edition 6000S is des…


Innovation Can Come From Anywhere

Innovation can be an overused word, but it’s a hot topic for a reason. The pace of change compels businesses, large and small, to reinvent themselves. Cisco’s innovation strategy is multifaceted and focuses our efforts both internally and externally. Last week we announced a new Cisco IoE Innovation Center in Tokyo. This is the seventh IoE Innovation Center that Cisco has opened worldwide – joining Rio, Toronto, Berlin, Songdo, Barcelona and Lon…


Accelerating and Innovating the Internet of Everything in Japan

…ext decade (out of a global economic value of $19 trillion). With its proud history of industry, technology and innovation leadership, Japan is an ideal location for Cisco’s 7th IoE Center of Innovation — a $20million investment for Cisco — which opened last Thursday with nine Japan-based ecosystem partners. The excitement is high around our open lab’s charter to bring together customers, industry partners, startups, accelerators, gov…


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Open Standards, Open Source, Open Loop

…ment of resources like addressing as well).  Rather, the question is about their role going forward in enabling innovation.  SDO Challenges SDOs (like the IETF) have to evolve their processes to keep up with the technological landscape and development processes to remain relevant. Software has come to dominate what we perceive as “the Internet” and the “agile” development model has created a sharp knee in the rate of innov…


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Clearly Communicate, Closely Collaborate to Innovate

Innovation matters. And innovation requires collaboration . And collaboration requires clear communication. Without clear communications, you open the door for all sorts of innovation-hindering situations: Miscommunications, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations. Errors, delays, and disagreements.  Most of these issues are avoidable. And it doesn’t take magic. It’s actually pretty simple: Integrate video into your normal collaboration. T…


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