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Manufacturers Are Following the Crowd to ‘Drive’ Innovation

…the full potential of crowdsourcing and 3D Printing, manufacturers need to move away from contests to continual innovation and leverage a platform that harnesses big data, social tools, cloud computing, automation, security and mobility technologies.  Manufacturers must be able to securely collect and respond to data from customers, suppliers, and now the products themselves.  You need a platform. Connected Factory — The Platform for Innovation


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Technology Innovation: The Key to Solving Some of Our Most Pressing Transportation Challenges

Planes, trains and automobiles – getting from point A to point B has never been quicker or easier. However, there are a few key global trends driving the need to invest further in transportation technology. With the growing wave of urbanization, the aging of the population, and the resulting global demands on supply chains in developed and developing nations, current transportation systems will have a difficult time keeping up with demand. These…


#InnovateThink TweetChat on Friday, September 19 at 10 a.m. PST: The Way Forward for IT Innovation

…ureOfIT. We will discuss the current state of IT, its challenges and pain points, and how it can enable business innovation. We will also discuss the solution: Fast IT.   Fast IT is the way forward. It offers immediate steps toward building a more agile, secure, application-centric infrastructure. And transforming the IT organization into a force for rapid innovation and competitive edge. Fast IT is the IT operating model for the Internet of Ever…


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Location Based Services Enabling Smart Connected Cities

…nd visitor services and experiences on their mobile devices, as well as forming the foundational network for IoE innovations in the area of City services and management. Just imagine the possibilities; everything from being delivered location specific content to your device to being able to view the local street signs using your device’s camera in your own language. Certainly expect more innovation to follow. The world is taking notice, already B…


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Summary – Fast IT: Sourcing Disruptive Innovation

The explosion of network connections among people, process, data, and things, now called the Internet of Everything (IoE), is the driver behind much of the disruption and change we see in all industries. It is making innovation more accessible and affordable, while presenting enormous opportunities. At the same time, IT organizations are contending with significant challenges. Operational costs are rising as budgets fall. Pervasive mobility and…


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