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World IPv6 Launch: Impact on the Web

…rk operators have committed to enabled 1% of their subscribers and to make IPv6 a per default service for every new subscriber. They key point to realize is that these IPv6 subscribers are also going to have a destination in IPv6, too. The IPv6 subscriber growth is going to be steady and it’s already started and accelerated across the globe, as can be seen here. For example we see on June 5th, 2012 that US is at .92% of IPv6 users, China .56%,…



Cisco Leading the Way in IPv6 Certifications

…oth enterprise and service providers are also gearing up to provide IPv6 capabilities in their networks. The momentum has been captured in the form of World IPv6 Launch day on June 6th. Cisco is an industry thought leader in IPv6 and has addressed IPv6 implementation in its products to meet the requirements of government, industry and consumers. The majority of Cisco’s core products have been supporting IPv6 for well over a decade.  The…


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How Do We Help the Feds Transition to IPv6?

…ut it will take more than just IPv6 certified network equipment to help the government successfully make the transition. The Veteran’s Administration is among the 1% of federal agencies that have successfully transitioned to IPv6.  How did they do it?   By linking the IPv6 transition as an imperative to the VA mission and future IT success.  Their methods and best practiced should be used as a reference for how to accomplish this task. For those…


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IPv6 Hitting Closer to Home. Are You Ready?

…re ready to transition to the new Internet protocol. If you don’t have the resources in-house, however, you can always call in outside help such as from a local Cisco reseller. Has your company made the transition to IPv6 or are you in the midst of it? Share your experience! Get Ready for the Next-Generation Internet 3 Steps for Preparing Your Network for IPv6 Making a Secure Transition to IPv6


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IPv6 Planning – Where Do I Start?

…n are not mutually exclusive.  It is OK to begin doing work in all these areas simultaneously if the resources are available.  Please take the time to review some of the IPv6 design documents that are available on IPv6 in Campus Networks IPv6 in Branch Networks IPv6 in the Internet Edge Breaking a large task down into a series of smaller ones (see my prior blog) can be more manageable and allows the work to be done in increments until…


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