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Real World Demonstration of MAP for IPv6

…We do it by avoiding the IPv4 in the service provider core and the CPE — we define a 1:1 mapping between a CPE IPv6 allocated prefix and its IPv4 address and port set id. Then, for delivering the packets to the correct CPE we can use simple IPv6 routing, and reap the benefits of the experience with this technology to provide the effective connectivity to the users during the shortage of IPv4 addresses, while not having to maintain any state (be…


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Ignore the Mouse – Get Your IPv6 Learn On at Cisco Live Orlando 2013

By Steve Simlo, IPv6 Product Manager, Cisco Network Operating Systems Technology Group As IPv6 gains more and more ground within the Internet we are starting to see recognition amongst the wider community that technologies such as Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) have some significant drawbacks from a service and scalability standpoint. Some of the issues were recently highlighted by a major carrier which actually issued a public “opt out” option to t…


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Cisco Fellow Mark Townsley: A Better Way to Deploy IPv6

…tional hardware as traffic grows.  MAP is best as a solution for broadband providers, enabling them to deploy an IPv6 infrastructure targeting the most popular content providers such as Google and Facebook which both make their content available on IPv6. With MAP, service providers can still gracefully support the now diminishing IPv4 traffic while building a strong networking foundation for IPv6. Hear Cisco Fellow Mark Townsley share his thought…


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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – April 12, 2013

Every Friday, we’ll highlight the most important Cisco partner news and stories of the week, as well as point you to important Cisco-related content you may have missed along the way. Let’s have it. Off The Top As partner event season kicks into high gear, we’re focused on some of Cisco’s biggest gatherings, including Cisco Partner Summit in early June and Cisco Live in late June. Of more immediate interest, however, is Cisco Marketing Velocity,…


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IPv6 Just Works: Cisco Live London Dual-Stack Network

…y easy. My estimate was that we spent about an hour for the process overall. Half that time consisted of a quick IPv6 refresher course with the administrators of the site to ensure they could be as efficient as with IPv4. The other half hour consisted of testing the operation of the dual stack-enabled site. Since the IPv6 fabric was already provisioned, the mere addition of the IPv6 address was trivial. If your web properties consist of a single…


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