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Cisco Evolved Programmable Network: Virtualized Services in an EPN World

…kes to make an EPN that delivers virtualized services: Virtualization Programmability and Control Convergence IPv6 also has a major role in service delivery for EPN and that was highlighted in part 1 of this blog.  Beyond the address scale and end-to-end addressing capability of IPv6, it also enables service flexibility.  The power of Policy Based Routing (PBR) is massively streamlined when the policy information is contained in the IPv6 source…


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BC Hydro, Cisco and Itron – a Powerhouse in Canada

…illion customers, BC Hydro is deploying the first standards based multi-services in production FAN network with IPv6 802.15.4/RPL mesh to manage the Automated Metering Infrastructure(AMI), Distribution Automation(DA) and other advanced gird applications. The design is based on Cisco’s Connected Grid Solution utilizing Cisco’s Field Area Router (CGR) and standards based Smart Meter Field Area Network (FAN) technologies and Itron OpenWay® CENTRON®…


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#CiscoChampion Radio S1|Ep17 Cisco Live Highlights

…have early tryout of VIRL @gallifreyan Cisco Modeling Labs BrandonCarroll yep DaSpadeR real world experience on IPv6, global vs local deployments, security LaurenFriedman d’oh! Fish14 LOVE my CCDE @gallifreyan Fish14 one of my favorite certs @gallifreyan Pride goeth before the grill. CommsNinja LOL Fish14 luck RoutingNinja I’d like to know where Cisco is going with the ASA…


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The Network After 25 Years of Cisco Live!

…ustry was obviously 802.11ac—and we made sure 11ac was pervasively deployed throughout the show; not to mention IPv6 everywhere over Wi-Fi. Client Composition In San Francisco we noticed a significant presence of 5GHz clients, marked growth in adoption of 802.11ac clients. This also enforces the need to disable those legacy data rates to avoid the Wi-Fi penalties. Protocol Number of Devices % 802.11n (5GHz) 16,563 48.66% 802.11n (2.4GHz) 1…


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IPv6 in the Cisco Live World of Solutions”>video

Just recently I wrote about the IPv6 enabled logo program here at the Cisco Live 2014 World of Solutions (WoS). It is now time to share some of the results! In what follows I will say that I did not have enough time to exhaustively visit every single demonstration in the WoS. My time there was confined to a short window on the Tuesday morning, where I went to investigate and locate the IPv6 enabled demos myself. Armed with my phone camera and IP…


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