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Have Global IPv6 Deployments Really Slowed Down?

For those that are not closely involved with IPv6, it may seem like the emphasis on migration to the new addressing scheme is waning. But while the hue and cry over IPv6 may appear to have quieted down to a background noise since 2010-2011; a closer inspection would prove that perception to be quite false. What is IPv6 and why does it even matter? Simply put, when a device is on the Internet, it has its own specific address that it uses to commu…


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The Summer Blockbuster You’ve Been Waiting For: Cisco Wireless Release 8.0”>

…ile connection speed will nearly double, from 1.4 Mbps in 2013 to 2.5 Mbps and over 4.9 billion devices will be IPv6-capable. There will be more traffic offloaded from cellular networks (on to Wi-Fi) than remain on cellular networks.   At the same time, the mobile workspace trend is helping employees and partners embrace mobile technologies, create new possibilities for untethered work styles, enable better customer engagement, and connect…


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Global Internet Routing Table Reaches 512k Milestone

…Services Routers Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers with 4GB can scale to up to 500,000 IPv4 or IPv6 routes. Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers with 8GB of RAM or higher can scale to up to 1,000,000 routes. The following document provides an overview of the number of supported routes: click here. Additional Workarounds Route filtering and the use of a default route can also be used to decrease the number of routes…


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New Software Release IOS-XE 3.6.0E/IOS 15.2(2)E Enables Lower TCO and Innovation

…0E/IOS 15.2(2)E release provides critical feature parity for Catalyst 3850 with 3750-X, in the areas of VRRPv3, IPv6 VRFs, Device Sensor, Medianet and EnergyWise. The new release also brings full feature parity for Catalyst 4500E Sup 8-E with Sup 7-E. For those of you who have certification requirements at your workplace, you’ll be happy to know that this release has completed government certifications such as FIPS 140, Common Criteria and US DOD…


Cisco Evolved Programmable Network: Virtualized Services in an EPN World

…kes to make an EPN that delivers virtualized services: Virtualization Programmability and Control Convergence IPv6 also has a major role in service delivery for EPN and that was highlighted in part 1 of this blog.  Beyond the address scale and end-to-end addressing capability of IPv6, it also enables service flexibility.  The power of Policy Based Routing (PBR) is massively streamlined when the policy information is contained in the IPv6 source…


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