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Will Innovation Lead Us Out of the Economic Crisis?

…ness, Columbia University, had this to say when asked if the current economic weakness is going to inspire more innovation, and result in a positive outcome from┬áthe crisis: It’s going to be positive in two respects. One is that [recession] is often a stimulus for the adoption of new technologies. The decade of highest productivity growth in the 20th century was the 1930s. In the 1930s a lot of technologies developed in the 1920s were put i…


Independence with clouds is the way to innovation

…nd placed applications and computing power into the hands of users in the form of personal computer. How many innovations have come from people who think a little differently working in their garage or after hours in the office?But we are slowly falling back into the days of centralized controlling IT. With the wondrous innovations of web based services, applications are moving more centralized again. No longer can I install an application o…


Standing on the shoulders of giants: Promoting innovation through active collaboration

…collaboration and open technologies, where the community comes together as a microcosm to collectively promote innovation No company can afford to be an island. Not even one with $26B in cash. The work that Cisco is doing with its partners and customers – whether it be the Industry Solution Partner Program, the Open at Cisco initiative, or the Cisco ‘Think Inside the Box’ Developer contest -all embody the spirit of collaboratio…


VIDEO: CTO Response to Questions on Unified Computing

…tion’. Technical islands, procedural islands, organizational islands, operational islands….with no innovation in the market enabling these islands to be traversed seamlessly, securely or simply.How will customers unify their computing?Cisco’s approach is partner-centric and evolutionary, designed to provide choice while bringing customers a truly virtualized data center.Phase 1 for instance lays the foundation for data center c…


Introducing Unified Computing to the Data Center

…ting the development of systems architectures based on industry standards. We believe that the intersection of innovation with standards, especially in markets where it has been lacking, will create lasting value.Yes, there are markets where Cisco will compete with a few of our current partners. Cooperation among competitors in the tech industry is nothing new. Our responsibility as leaders of the technology industry is to constantly pioneer n…