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Architectural Innovation: A Clean Break from Tradition

When the first automobiles were conceived and designed, it was difficult for some people to take a forward-looking view of this innovation. The term “horseless-carriage” was an attempt to describe this new mode of transportation from a historical perspective.Ready for road trials by September 1893, the vehicle built by Charles and Frank Duryea was the first gasoline powered automobile in America. The brothers had purchased a used hor…


Top Ten Questions on My Mind as I Head to InterOp — What are Yours?

…eteers. Selling was paramount. Vendors sold customers. Start-ups sold investors (or outright buyers). Technology innovation seemed to take a back seat to crossing the chasm in order to reach the mainstream money pile. Well, with a troubled economy and heightened virtual access to industry events and information, InterOp would seem to be returning to its innovation roots once again. No network vendor should be spending event monies unless they are…


Grow Your Contact Center Business with Innovation

By John Hernandez, general manager, Cisco Customer Contact Business UnitDuring challenging economic times, savvy organizations seek ways to differentiate their business through tighter customer affinity, while they plan for the inevitable recovery. One of the key investment areas to differentiate the business is the contact center. Gartner just published Market Share: Contact Centers, Worldwide, 2008 which shows that Cisco’s contact center…


Cisco IT Innovation Forum – A sneak peek for May 7th

As mentioned in my previous blog, on May 7th, less than three days from today, curtains will rise on the Cisco IT Innovation Forum — a 360-degree customer-focussed event involving Cisco’s customers from all over the world, industry thought leaders from various analyst firms and of course, Cisco business and technology experts. What’s in it for you?All our keynote speakers, panelists and other presenters are going to share their thou…


America’s Continued Lead in Innovation Requires Fixes to Flaws in Patent System

…National Academy of Sciences, President Obama laid out a bold vision for America to maintain its global lead in innovation. In his remarks, the President said, “Scientific innovation offers us a chance to achieve prosperity. It has offered us benefits that have improved our health and our lives — improvements we take too easily for granted.”I could not agree more that America can’t take innovation for granted. One of t…