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Where Worlds Collide

…t, phone lines, WiFi). The broader Internet has many such standards, including HTML, Flash, BIOS, PCI-e, and so forth. Because of this variety, new players emerge easily and evolution happens rapidly. While this change and innovation create a vibrant and stimulating industry, they also cause some chaos as a byproduct.Meanwhile, I think of the mobile industry as aligned “vertically,” with fewer players taking on larger roles. The s…


Patent Reform Moving Rapidly Through Congress With a Broad Range of Supporters

…Here are their own words– Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco correctly tied patent reform to our nation’s ability to innovate:”The bipartisan patent reform bill is a significant step toward our Innovation Agenda. It will strengthen the patent system and improve patent quality. This legislation is crucial for American inventors and American ingenuity, for consumers, and for greater innovation and economic growth.…


Patent Reform Bill Passes House

…e some of the incentives out of the system for “patent trolls.” Rep. Lofgren states, in part:”I believe this bill strikes the right balance between the need for strong patent rights and the encouragement of innovation. My amendment to the bill, which was incorporated into the manager’s amendment, goes a long way towards addressing this balance by focusing on the troubling growth of forum shopping in patent litigation. The…


Productivity via Collaboration

…in developing nations who’ll be able to achieve true country transformations. And the bottom line for both will be measurable gains in productivity.The combination of capital expenditure with business process change and innovation will lead to those productivity gains, according to Chambers. That innovation wave will be driven by collaboration, which will manifest itself in things like video. If there is a killer application out there, it&#…


DVR Alert: Cisco CEO to Address U.S. Governors

DVR Alert!!!!! Tomorrow, John Chambers will address U.S. Governors at their annual meeting in Washington, DC. His topic will be on innovation and competitiveness and 45 of the 50 governors are expected to be in attendance. He will be introduced by National Governors Association (NGA) Chair Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona. His speech will be broadcast nationwide LIVE on C-SPAN on Saturday, February 24th at 1:00PM ET.This year, Governor…