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DoDIIS — a winning show in more ways than one

Last week’s DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, “Empowering Decision Advantage,” in Orlando, was a great show for us. We not only got to see a lot of our valued customers and colleagues, but we were proud to show them first-hand TANDBERG’s New Way of Working with our Telepresence T3 showcased in our booth. The highlight for us is that we won DoDIIS’ Best Showcase of Technology award, which goes to the booth that best showcases a company’s technology in…


Cisco’s Collaboration Imperative: The Next Market Adjacency

…, service provider, CPG, government and other sectors.Video is what changes everything. As the market leader in Telepresence, we have revolutionized the marketplace through the Cisco TelePresence Exchanges that allow companies to collaborate across company boundaries. These inter-company capabilities are offered today by several global, market leading carrier partners of Cisco, including ATT and BT. Other partners such as Tata have democratize…


National and State-wide research and education networks

…exciting example of cross-cultural collaboration was demonstrated on April 5, 2009, when the first international telepresence meeting between national research and education networks was achieved. The National LambdaRail, the US national research and education network successfully held the first telepresence session with the United Arab Emirates research and education network, ANKABUT. This opens up many new opportunities to bridge physical dis…


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HIMSS 2009: Wrapping Up Cisco & AT&T Telepresence Innovating Healthcare

Hear from HIMSS attendees about Cisco and the AT&T Telepresence Solution. Learn how top global medical companies like Mayo Health, Johnson & Johnson, Cleveland Clinic & Stryker Medical are looking to integrate the AT&T Telepresence Solution into their practices; streamlining how clinicians, doctors and patients collaborate, communicate and improve patient care….


HIMSS 2009: Day 2 of Cisco & AT&T Telepresence Innovating Healthcare

Coverage highlighting key customer feedback on Cisco and the AT&T Telepresence Solution. Key takeaways and testimonials on “Tele-Medicine” brought to the Healthcare Industry from Cisco and AT&T. The AT&T Telepresence Solution is connecting health organizations globally and enabling virtual care for the future….