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What I did on my summer vacation, Part 2

…les you to look a person in the face and connect with them in a way not possible over the any other medium. Since I started my PR internship a few weeks ago, I have attended meetings in Chicago, San Francisco and New York via telepresence. I may not have traveled to do those meetings anyway, but a face-to-face virtual meeting with a colleague is so much better than just a conference call. And, with TelePresence, the person on the other end of the…


TelePresence on CBS Evening News

I may have mentioned our TelePresence technology from time to time. It is very cool and very easy to use. We say that 60% (or is is 80%?) of communication is non-verbal and TelePresence allows you to feel like you are in the same room talking with someone even if you are in San Jose, CA and they are in London (for instance). (Yesterday during a demonstration of the technology one of the participants said that he felt like he could reach out a…


Giancarlo Points to TelePresence

TelePresence Powers Cisco’s Emerging MarketsThis week, Charlie Giancarlo, Cisco’s chief development officer, spoke about Cisco’s cultivation of innovation. Listen to the entire podcast.Along those lines, Cisco recently formed its Emerging Markets group aimed at generating new products and business from within the company.”The Emerging Markets group exists to create all new products that are not likely to come from our exi…