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Cisco’s Collaboration Imperative: The Next Market Adjacency

…experience.Finally, one of the newest leadership categories for business collaboration market is our push into Telepresence, which revolutionized how video is used in the Enterprise: with over 350 customers and over 2000 systems sold, Cisco is the clear innovation leader. Some of our first-to-market achievements include: • First switched multipoint, • Intercompany calling, • Vertical applications such as HealthPresence, &#822…


National and State-wide research and education networks

…expertise to the areas with the most need. An exciting example of ‘scaling the expertise’ via Cisco TelePresence was recently demonstrated in California using the state-wide research and education network that enabled advanced – placement classes to be delivered to a high school in the central valley, giving the students there the same opportunties for college preparation as their counterparts living in the more metropolitan are…


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HIMSS 2009: Wrapping Up Cisco & AT&T Telepresence Innovating Healthcare

Hear from HIMSS attendees about Cisco and the AT&T Telepresence Solution. Learn how top global medical companies like Mayo Health, Johnson & Johnson, Cleveland Clinic & Stryker Medical are looking to integrate the AT&T Telepresence Solution into their practices; streamlining how clinicians, doctors and patients collaborate, communicate and improve patient care….


HIMSS 2009: Day 2 of Cisco & AT&T Telepresence Innovating Healthcare

Coverage highlighting key customer feedback on Cisco and the AT&T Telepresence Solution. Key takeaways and testimonials on “Tele-Medicine” brought to the Healthcare Industry from Cisco and AT&T. The AT&T Telepresence Solution is connecting health organizations globally and enabling virtual care for the future….


Cisco and AT&T @ HIMMS with TelePresence

…her this week at HIMMS talking about technology’s impact on healthcare…in this video, specifically, TelePresence. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMMS) is the “healthcare industry’s membership organization exclusively focused on providing leadership for the optimal use of healthcare information technology (IT) and management systems for the betterment of healthcare. The HIMMS conference, the a…