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What is our track record on Innovation?

How are we doing on Innovation so far? All groups in Cisco are interested in Innovation (of all types: line-extension, services, new processes, etc.). Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group (ETG) is specifically responsible for incubating new growth markets, which is why we are sponsoring the I-Prize contest.ETG has brought 4 business units to market so far (we have 5 others that are still busy working on their products). The 4 publicly announc…


Cisco innovation in action

The Cisco I-Prize was announced live in Bangalore India by CEO John Chambers and SVP Marthin De Beer. Watch the announcement video to see an exciting Cisco innovation: the On Stage TelePresence experience. While John was physically on stage in India, Marthin was physically in San Jose California, 8000+ miles away but appeared on stage via Cisco’s TelePresence technology. The interaction between John and Marthin wasn’t recorded &#…


Why is Cisco launching the Cisco I-Prize? Are we running out of ideas?

…ly on R&D. We also do acquisitions. The perception in the media is often that Cisco”buys its way into innovation”. While it is true that acquisitions are a key part of our overall strategy (124 acquisitions to-date, about one every three weeks), there’s more to Cisco’s innovation than the Borg model (“œresistance is futile-you will be assimilated”) (for you non-Trekkies, see: Wikipedia:Borg). Many of Cisc…


VIDEO: John Chambers on Collaboration, Innovation and Teamwork

Our CEO, John Chambers, wrote about collaboration for the first entry on this new blog. Cisco Vice President Alan Cohen followed up with an interesting take on Unified Communications and where Malcolm Gladwell and Woody Allen fit into the picture.Today, our CEO offers a video blog on his high-level thoughts on collaboration and why it is so important to the economy. He answers the following questions:1. Why is collaboration so important in a…


Where Worlds Collide

My group at Cisco works on mobile Internet products, so I follow the news in this area closely. A common theme is the stresses that arise along the boundary between two business models: that of the mobile industry and that of the Internet industry. Analogies that come to mind are crystal grain boundaries (I live in Silicon Valley) or platectonic boundaries (near the San Andreas fault ), regions of dislocation and instability. While some migh…