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The use of video in work place communication and productivity

…to something that’s more humanly understandable, something you and I can truly connect with and see.Cisco TelePresenceCisco TelePresence™ creates a live, face-to-face communication experience over the network that empowers you to collaborate like never before. Cisco TelePresence helps people meet, share content, create high-quality video recordings and events, consult with experts and deliver powerful personalized services, all using…


Saudi bloggers share life experience with orphans over Cisco TelePresence”

…i Arabia hosted 18 orphans from Al Hayyat Group, a Saudi based charity initiative, and connected them via Cisco TelePresence with three prominent Saudi bloggers who are currently residing and attending college in the United Kingdom. Yazeed E. Al-Ghuraibi, Ebraheem M. Hashem and Basem Alsallom spent an hour talking to soon-to-graduate Saudi student orphans. Over a lively discussion, the bloggers shared their experience in being abroad students in…


Hidden Gem: Your Own TelePresence Video

Here’s a hidden gem on A “bake your own” Cisco TelePresence video starring you — or even better, a colleague you want to have fun with.Here is the video my colleague Maureen sent me, having purloined a picture of me from the company directory:(My wife and her friend said they didn’t stop laughing for two minutes when they got it in their email.)(View the Video) How to Create Your OwnYou can set up your ow…


The Video Game Changer in Communications and Collaboration

…consumers and businesses alike. Thus, getting our business video strategy right has yielded a huge lead in the TelePresence systems market, a key part of our collaboration solution. This can be measured both by the number of TelePresence customers and unit installations and the actual utilization of the system, which dwarfs the low usages rate of legacy video conferencing. Cisco and the other companies that have implemented TelePresence have fou…


DoDIIS — a winning show in more ways than one

…lued customers and colleagues, but we were proud to show them first-hand TANDBERG’s New Way of Working with our Telepresence T3 showcased in our booth. The highlight for us is that we won DoDIIS’ Best Showcase of Technology award, which goes to the booth that best showcases a company’s technology in an eye-catching, innovative and interactive manner.The judges for the awards were an independent group made up of a cross section of vendors, nationa…