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Whether it’s dog food or champagne, it still tastes good!

…side the company- what’s the dog food taste like there?You probably know that we’re big believers in TelePresence and the”like being there” quality of experience can transform businesses. So in the spirit of dog food and champagne, we’ve deployed TelePresence across Cisco. Not just a few units for privileged executives -we’ve made TelePresence broadly available to all employees.Since October 23rd, 2006 when w…


Star Trek, The Jetsons and Cisco TelePresence

“With the development of the TelePresence video conferencing system, Cisco has breathed life into the science fiction video phones of the Jetsons and Star Trek.” So says the sub-head of Design News article on Cisco TelePresence.We are obviously excited about our technology and it is fun to see others see what we are seeing…literally through TelePresence…and philosophically, with our vision for what TelePresence can actua…


Good Morning, TelePresence!

Good Morning America (GMA) aired a piece on Cisco TelePresence and “Virtual Margaret” this morning and we’re all pretty stoked to see Margaret and the technology get some well-deserved airtime. It was a part of a GMA series called “Take Control of Your Life” and this pieced focused on virtual assistants.(Virtual Margaret, left, and GMA Reporter Tory Johnson on Good Morning America — ABCNews photo)GMA Correspondent…


Cisco Media Roundtable – Financial Analyst Conference

…a telephone.” “A customer can do it on their own network or Service Provider network.” DP on TelePresence and collaboration: We have a finance off-site in San Jose each year, it is a “one way communiction with about 400 finance leaders in a day and a half.” This year, we changed it completely to TelePresence meetings with “129 directors in 19 global locations in 4 sessions.” In “1.5 hours, we g…


Cisco Video of “Round the World” session via TelePresence

With an homage to the cinematography of The Blair Witch Project and the Jason Bourne movies, here is some video I just captured of an interaction between Cisco CEO John Chambers (in San Jose) and Cisco AsiaPac SVP Owen Chan (in Hong Kong.) Also seated at the TelePresence table are (from left): Rob Lloyd, SVP, US and Canada (in New York City); Paul Mountford, SVP, Emerging Markets and Chris Dedicoat, SVP, European Markets (both in London).Very c…