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Wishful Thinking: The Innovation Edition

…ome up with?”  I was reminded about this when I recently ran across a diatribe on our “lack of innovation”.  So, as a company, I will readily admit that there are a number of things we need to work on (and are), but “lack of innovation”? Really?   Let’s deconstruct this a little bit.  Just for the sake of argument, let’s start with a definition.  My trusty Mac dictionary defines &…


Cisco Collaboration Technologies Fostering Innovation at Proctor and Gamble

…three billion people around the world that use their products. Increased collaboration with Cisco Unified Communications and TelePresence has helped P&G meet its sustainability goals. Watch this video to see how Proctor and Gamble is becoming the world’s most collaborative company and how they’re fostering innovation using Cisco collaboration technologies.   More on Cisco Unified Communications or Cisco TelePresence here….


Getting To the New Normal (Part 2 of 2)

…e. It would be silly to call them obsolete. But they present a limited utility in this next wave of work, where innovation and operational efficiency come from people working together, rather than simply absorbing and using information. For knowledge workers today, the new normal reminds us of the famous I Love Lucy scene, where Lucille Ball wraps pieces of candy coming through on a conveyer belt and things get too fast and crazy. The new normal…


Innovation in Collaboration

…As CTO for Unified Communications at Cisco, I’m involved in all three ways in which Cisco creates product innovations: current product evolution, partnerships & acquisitions, and internal innovation.  My team and I help to ensure that Cisco strikes the appropriate balance between the three as we build products to meet the needs of our customers and partners. When Cisco innovates, we ensure the usefulness of our innovations with fi…


Discussions about the Social Entertainment Experience

…a former EVP of the RIAA. The panel is from 3:45pm – 4:30pm on October 7th and is titled -: DIGITAL MUSIC INNOVATION: What’s Next?. Here are the questions being asked of Claudia and the panelists. I have inserted some thoughts about each of the questions. What do you think? Are there specific examples you would put to each of these questions – share with us in the comments. 1) What are the defining characteristics of digital pro…