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Cisco Internal Innovation on the Launch of the ASR 1000 Series

Pankaj Patel, SVP and GM, Service Provider Group, Cisco, discusses the role of internal innovation in concept and development of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series router….


Amazing Bangalore

…building an economic foundation that will last for generations — people are not thinking about making their children better off, but their grandchildren, too. To accomplish that, they are turning Bangalore into a center of innovation in IT technology and business process. Thinking of India only as a place where outsourced call center jobs exist? If so, you seriously misunderstand and underestimate the economic transformation underway.To be su…


Teamwork, Collaboration and Innovation

One of the missions of the Cisco I-Prize is to harness innovation and talent on a global scale. One of the most fascinating aspects of the competition is to see the level of collaboration already taking place as entrepreneurs and innovators engage in a dialog about each others ideas. There are over 1000 new business ideas and thousands of comments submitted. This is an excellent indicator that collaboration on a global scale can produce supe…


The Mobile Web in 2008

…will be interesting to see how this plays out being that these two industries have so little in common. — The Mobile world tends to be fairly closed: operators are in control, voice is the primary app, there is limited innovation, and end users are controlled through subsidized phones and early termination agreements. The mobile industry also seems to be hitting saturation in much of the developed world. — The Internet world is very…


2008 Technology Predictions…or Resolutions…or Whatever…

…” which will include a national broadband plan (#2), a plan for making education and healthcare more efficient and effective by utilizing technology, and a permanent doubling of the national R&D budget to stimulate innovation and encourage the study of math and science. 4. Just as TV now is pausable, rewindable and recordable on a DVR, this feature will become standard on car radios as well…(this technology exists, but I wish I…