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Al Gore and John Chambers on Climate Change and Technology Innovation

Nobel Laureate, Oscar Winner and former Vice President Al Gore will join Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers in a virtual conversation on climate change and technology innovation on Wednesday, March 19 at 11AM ET (8AM PT). Please join the conversation by registering for this webcast at will be joined by Cisco’s Sue Bostrom, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, in a Cisco TelePresence session before a live audie…


Visual Networking: Bringing Families Together

…1;. Apparently some charitable soul at Cisco sold senior management on the idea of allowing employees to use our Telepresence systems to reach out to our friends and families during the holidays. Cisco has over 100+ Telepresence facilities across the world and one of them happened to be near where my parents live in New Hampshire. I quickly set up the session and arranged for my parents to be let into the Cisco office in Boxborough. As the day a…


Degrees of Immersion- Cisco Telepresence

…ifferent levels of experience and different levels of interaction and immersion between the participants. Cisco Telepresence provides a unique experience for the participants- one that connects them on a personal level in a way that many other tools cannot. Come hear Randy Harrell, Director of Product Marketing for the Cisco TelePresence System Business Unit at Thursday’s Second Life Tech Chat, discuss the Cisco Telepresence System and ho…


Home For the Holidays…Virtually with Cisco TelePresence

…in North Carolina. Last year, this would have been a quandary…this year, however, we all got together via TelePresence. Jack, my wife and I were in San Jose…our Earnhardt parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins were in Raleigh, NC…a mere 2800 miles away. Cisco set up a program called “Home for the Holidays” to have Cisco families use our Telepresence systems to “see” loved ones that they ordin…


Seeing is Believing

…sco is being able to use all the technology. Aside from the IP phone on my desk that I use everyday, I often use TelePresence to conduct “œin person” meetings with people from my team who are located around the globe. TelePresence was a hit from day one with customers, partners, and suppliers eager to get on board. According to a recent study we did, TelePresence will represent a $4B new service revenue opportunity for service provide…