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Too Little Too Late: Airline Chases after TelePresence

In a further sign of trouble for the airline industry, British Airways recently announced the “Face of Opportunity” contest to rescue the high-margin business trip. Entrants can win a free trip to London (presumably in business class, though this is not stated) and attend a “networking event” with captains of the industry if they can persuade the judges that what they could accomplish given the chance to have face-to-fa…


Orange You Glad You Have Cisco TelePresence?

I had to share this amusing photo from a Cisco TelePresence meeting we had with one of our design agencies on Friday…Janet, from our design team, was in California. Dan, with the agency, was in Virginia 2,400 miles away.Meetings are typically back to back, so Janet and I were gobbling down a quick lunch as we started the meeting at noon from our California TelePresence room.The agency team in Virgina couldn’t stop commenti…


Dissolving Distance; or, How to Go on an Energy Diet”

…instead of another light fixture in a dark hall. Maybe ride the bus instead of driving a second car. Maybe use TelePresence instead of taking a 2000 kilometer flight. Cisco TelePresence gets considerable ink in Chapter 13: Dissolving Distance. Tertzakian describes the experience in glowing terms, noting “There was simply no comparison to that primitive ancestor, the videoconference.” Blush. But numbers are generally even more co…


The March to a Truly Global Inter-carrier Intercompany TelePresence

…211; we jointly debuted live proof of concept demonstrations of inter-carrier and intercompany calls using Cisco TelePresence technology across all three of the service providers’ networks.What is intercompany inter-carrier service? It has the potential to allow any Cisco TelePresence users to call one another across participating networks, reliably and with high levels of security. This means you can be anywhere in the world at the click o…


Telepresence Helps Widen the Hiring Net

TANDBERG Telepresence T1 One Communications uses telepresence to improve their hiring process. With two headquarters — one in Waltham, Mass., and one in Rochester, N.Y. — as well as executives split up among several locations throughout the country, the company found it could use telepresence to make hiring new employees more efficient and less costly. According to InfoWorld, executives prefer to conduct interviews on the large HD p…