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Introductions and Introspections

…o-way dialogue, I’d like to share with you a summary of comments made by John Chambers regarding Cisco and innovation during our third quarter fiscal year 2008 conference call last Tuesday. John’s comments struck me as perhaps a new way to think about innovation in the high tech industry. At minimum, certainly a clear focus on how Cisco innovates and our vision for how we view the role of intelligent networks in shaping the future o…


Al Gore and John Chambers on Climate Change and Technology Innovation

…a Cisco TelePresence session before a live audience at VoiceCon to examine the critical role that technology and innovation can play in mitigating climate change. Some topics they will cover include: the latest observations of the effects of global warming and the impact of information technology; how businesses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions through innovation; and, how the technology industry can help create the most sustainable model for…


Don’t take my Kodachrome Away…

…o main suppliers of switch fabrics, forwarding engines, and port asics there would be a significant reduction in innovation, but also an increase in ‘churn rates’ of their equipment. Not my opinion mind you, a customers. But one worth digging into a bit… especially the last point as the one about innovation has already been supported by our competitors who praise merchant silicon, but when it comes to invention/innovation val…


Virtual. Viral. Visual (“¦ it’s getting easier to be green with Web 2.0)

Communicating virtually, virally and visually empowers the end user to receive information at home, at work and on the move -and, in an environmentally friendly way. Can these make up the mantra for the launches and marketing in the 21st century? At Cisco, we think so!”Everything Web 2.0: and”Green everything“seems to surround us in traditional media, online and, as we increasingly discover, even in the grocery store around the…


Cisco Internal Innovation on the Launch of the ASR 1000 Series

Pankaj Patel, SVP and GM, Service Provider Group, Cisco, discusses the role of internal innovation in concept and development of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series router….