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Analyze This

Cisco recently hosted 25+ analysts from Forrester Research for our annual Forrester /Cisco Day. This event, was the first of its kind, as we used a completely new business model to conduct it; instead of having the analysts fly from Boston to San Jose, we used TelePresence and WebEx, to engage both parties in meaningful dialogue with many of Cisco’s executives. Not only was the dialogue great, but the medium by which it was delivered (…


New York Times: “As Travel Costs Rise, More Meetings Go Virtual”

…e) rooms pay for themselves within a year, analysts estimate.”Lohr reports that one executive who utilizes TelePresence said,”10 minutes into it, you forget you are not in the room with them.” Here are some extremely interesting and compelling (IMHO) TelePresence and web-based meeting stats that Lohr lays out in his report:1. “Accenture figures its consultants used virtual meetings to avoid 240 international trips and 120…


Cisco TelePresence: The Answer to High Gas Prices?

CNBC’s Jim Goldman reports on Cisco TelePresence and how it might be utilized to save on corporate travel. The piece can be viewed on the Bay Area’s NBC website here. Cisco’s Charles Stucki and David Hsieh are interviewed and our Chairman and CEO John Chambers says that Cisco will save $180M in travel savings utilizing TelePresence. I had a TelePresence session earlier this week between San Jose, CA and Montvale, NJ and I ca…


TelePresence: A New Presence for Managed Services

…ers.One of the key parts of this announcement is the”Intercompany” capability. An intercompany Cisco TelePresence network service, which enables customers to maintain close contact with their extended supply chain or community of interest, has the potential to transform business. Furthermore, as more people use a network service -Telephony, Internet, Web 2.0 social networking, or Intercompany TelePresence, the more valuable the servic…


Video’s Campus Communications Fabric: Best Supporting Actor?

…perience and utilization. To wit, most video conferencing systems are used approximately 1% of the time (versus Telepresence systems, which are in use on our campuses around the world more than 50% of the time). As Telepresence, video-rich web conferencing, personal video communications and video-on-demand (VODs) or video blogs (VLOGS), as well as video surveillance systems become more ubiquitous, the campus network needs to evolve to support d…