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Expanding Your Field Of Vision

…to mind when thinking about how Cisco can leverage this new technology, but in this post I will focus on two. Telepresence Augmentations Telepresence seems like a natural adaptation for augmented reality technology. Imagine being in a Telepresence meeting discussing the technical layout of a multipoint VPN. An engineer places a marker on the table, and instantly they are watching a three-dimension Visio drawing of the network architecture come…


Collaboration: The Productivity Wave

…ly. At Cisco, in less than 3 years we have recognized 107 million dollars of productivity gains with the use of TelePresence alone. In fact, since October 2006, employees have logged 486,353 TelePresence hours, collectively avoided 71,630 trips, and in turn saved 154,721 metric tons of carbon emissions. 31,012 customer meetings were conducted via TelePresence. Based on the sample analysis, TelePresence reduced the time to close a sale by almost 1…


Maximizing the Value of Video Conferencing and Telepresence Through Interoperability

…unications today. While some vendors have embraced open standards that allow third party video conferencing and telepresence products to work together, or interoperate, others have not. It’s easy to see that as adoption rates grow for this technology, it’s not sustainable for businesses to purchase equipment that will only let them talk to themselves or those with the same kind of equipment. In fact, industry analysts at Frost & Sullivan rece…


The Intangibles of Telepresence

…see any of the 100’s of articles written about “HD Video Conferencing”…a category that Telepresence will often get mistakenly mislabeled into. I sold traditional video conferencing into large accounts for MCI for many years and one large customer in Cincinnati highlighted for me what was so often the problem. Primarily, it was just not easy enough. Any time the technology has the ability to get in the way of the meetin…


Too Little Too Late: Airline Chases after TelePresence

…n the same time zone with the person across the table? What if that technology can save you oodles of money and let your employees enjoy real work-life balance? The Economist points out these neglected questions: little wonder the report failed to mention TelePresence.So, I agree with the report: face-to-face meetings are pivotal to successful business relationships. But wake up, British Airways: face-to-face without flying is already here….