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Forbes Tech Cover Story Today

…solutions, and purpose build products for key market opportunities. There are some markets that are stagnant in innovation where the systems vendors have sold out their innovation and creativity to other companies and silicon providers that are ripe for disruption and innovation that captures market opportunities. It’s going to be one very very fun year. Speaking of this- check out what we are introducing on Tuesday. In the words of the…


All You Need To Know – Customer Highlights and Technology Innovation

If you missed Tuesday’s Q4 and FY 08 Financial Results Conference Call, here’s what I suggest to review for a quick recap (san financial details of course): Highlights and Technology Innovation —’ll find select customer announcements around the globe, major product announcements and acquisition highlights for the year. What more do you need? :-)Cheers,Amy Poon…


Collaboration for Innovation on the Nexus 7000

If you caught the keynote by Padmasree Warrior, our CTO, at Cisco Live, you know that the concept of”innovation through collaboration” is a key priority. So what does that mean?Well, one example is Jamey Heary’s recent discussion on what customers want to see in terms of new security features. Over in the data center, we want you to help us design our next generation of I/O modules for the Nexus 7000. We have just launched t…


Presidential Debate in Silicon Valley?

…CEO John Chambers supplied a quote to Chris on this topic saying: “Silicon Valley represents the heart of innovation and economic opportunity and is the logical place to host a presidential town hall meeting. Here in the valley, we are building new collaborative technologies such as TelePresence which would give the candidates a unique ability to engage citizens from across the country on key policies, innovation, job growth and our compet…


What is the value of Intellectual Property?

It’s no secret that intellectual property is the capital upon which digital age companies build their business. If you look at the Fortune 500, the value of IP for its largest companies ranges between 45% — 75% and also represents the highest growth area in the global economy.For many companies, the value of IP breaks down to protecting their return on investment while continuing to grow and innovate. It’s an acceptable ROI that ena…