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Innovation at the Core and Interop NY 2009”

…twork technologies. After all, these technologies form the essential structure that will continue to support IT innovations in areas such as high-performance video communication (one of the primary topics at Interop this year). One of the major demonstrations at the show centered on Cisco Catalyst switches. Cisco switches play a significant role in optimizing new video applications, setting throughput records for network virtualization, and ensur…


Why Standards Matter…And When They Don’t

…o do.  And herein lies the inherent contradiction of networking standards and the constant tension between innovation and standards.   Ultimately customers look to us to address their problems: “I need my network to _________ (fill in the blank) so I can support the needs of my business–oh, and I’d like that ASAP, please” .  Luckily, our customer base is not shy, so when we see a trend, we move to address it…


Cisco Connects Culture of Innovation, Collaboration to Business Results

The Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies at Cornell recently put together a nice piece on Brian Schipper, Senior Vice President of HR. The article not only profiles Schipper’s career, but also touches upon how his team keeps Cisco employees engaged and performing at a high level. Technology definitely plays a role, but an additional, and essential component is having an inclusive and diverse workforce. Through this, companies are ab…


Wishful Thinking: The Innovation Edition

…ome up with?”  I was reminded about this when I recently ran across a diatribe on our “lack of innovation”.  So, as a company, I will readily admit that there are a number of things we need to work on (and are), but “lack of innovation”? Really?   Let’s deconstruct this a little bit.  Just for the sake of argument, let’s start with a definition.  My trusty Mac dictionary defines &…


Two Problems – One Easy, One Hard

…e in fossil fuel shortages. Perhaps we can learn from our experience with IPv4 addresses. It was technology and innovation that caused the problem; perhaps technology and innovation can solve it. In the case of fossil fuels, we can’t just magically invent new sources like we did with IP addresses, though. Nor would we want to. It will take innovation in conservation and renewable sources of energy to ween us from our dependence on fossil fu…