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Tony Bates discusses Innovation at Cisco as Patents Received Rise 30%

…uality, technology strength and breadth of impact. To figure out the importance of patents to Cisco’s innovation strategy, I asked Tony Bates, SVP / GM of Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business technology, (himself the holder of a dozen patents) whether patents are a good measure of innovation, why Cisco continued to invest heavily in R&D during the downturn, and crucially…who holds the most patents at…


The Next Generation Collaborative Enterprise

As we enter a new decade, it seems appropriate to reflect on the transformation of the “Enterprise.”  No, I am not talking about the starship! I am referring to the organizational framework that has been the mainstay of business structure for the past couple of decades. Historically many models of enterprise structure have emerged: functional, divisional, centralized, decentralized and matrixed, to name a few. Rather than debat…


Cisco’s Globalisation Centre East Turns Two

Two years ago, the company took a bold decision to make a move toward the Eastern side of the planet. The move was manifested by a high-tech, green and state of the art campus built in Bangalore. Top senior executives took the leap of faith and moved their entire lives half way across the world in what could easily be labeled as an adventure of their life time. Their task wasn’t easy. They had the responsibility of redefining the way the c…


Cisco Networks And The Three Blind Myths! Myth #3: Choice

…hoices available to network operators looking to derive even greater returns from their Cisco networks. Business Innovation Does buying Cisco limit network adaptation or business innovation? Compare Cisco routing and switching products and components (Catalyst, ISR, ASR…) to any available in the industry and you will find greater service intelligence and longer service lifetimes. Compare Cisco mobility solutions to others and you will find…


Emerging Technologies Drive Greater Collaboration

“The fundamental social problems faced in the 21st century are shared global problems that do not respect national boundaries.  The solutions require the engagement of all of humanity in its full diversity.” Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco, University Professor, NYU Immigration Studies Successful social innovation begins at a local level where it often remains isolated; subsequently good ideas are fragmented, often trapped in s…