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Turning Kilometers Into Meters with Cisco TelePresence

…ppen to work at Magyar Telekom in Budapest, that distance becomes merely 20 meters. How is that possible? Cisco TelePresence, of course. Earlier this year, we announced that Magyar Telekom has implemented Cisco TelePresence virtual meeting rooms to connect its head office in Hungary with the company’s southeast European subsidiaries, Makedonski Telekom (Macedonia) and Crnogorski Telekom (Montenegro). In the meantime, the company has severa…


Is Video Conferencing & Telepresence Usage a Good Indicator of a Green Company?

…ewsweek lists The Greenest Big Companies in America – the majority of which use video conferencing and/or telepresence to help reduce travel. Coincidence? While use of video technology was not listed in the criteria for selection, it is certainly one of the fastest and easiest ways for a company to drastically cut carbon emissions by eliminating the need for travel. So, should lists like this include video usage among its criteria for the &…


Money for Nothing…And My Cisco TelePresence for Free?

For the Cisco family (customers, partners, suppliers and partners), TelePresence reached the “must have” technology category in the past year.  Many have called it “Cisco’s iPod,” as it defines a new market around rich video collaboration. Although the primary use case for TelePresence is business collaboration, in the past few years we also used TelePresence to facilitate a global dialogue around climate chang…


There’s More to Telepresence Than Just Hardware

TANDBERG Telepresence T3 For a business investment as high profile as telepresence, seeing a solid return on investment is important. Many companies who chose a telepresence solution based on discounted hardware typically realize hidden costs that outweigh the value. That is why it is so important to research your options and make sure you ask vendors some key questions that can help you take a deeper look at the possible choices available for…


Collaborating in Mexico

…event, here are examples of how Cisco is helping users to collaborate quickly, safely and effectively: Cisco TelePresence – TELMEX announced regional plans to market and deliver Cisco TelePresence in Latin America.  TelePresence is a cost-effective way to connect in virtual “in person” meetings—enabling personal interactions, a reduction in travel time and expenses, increased productivity, and reduced environm…