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The End of Generation Text

…improving the processes that humans must be part of by using technology to scale human interactions. Take Cisco TelePresence for example. By virtualizing in-person meetings, subject matter experts, decision makers at all levels and executives can meet more often, with more people and with less latency than any other means. The productivity gains can be startling. Cisco itself has quantified nearly $60M in productivity gains by using TelePres…


Cisco CTO talks about TelePresence and Visual Networking at Web 2.0 Summit

Earlier today, I attended a panel discussion focusing on cloud computing at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. On the panel, Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior shared Cisco’s vision of cloud computing and visual networking. We talk a lot about visual networking on this blog because it is has become an important part of the way many of us communicate on the network. At Cisco, I am able to participate and receive information via visual networkin…


TelePresence For Everyone

You’ve heard about TelePresence. You’ve read about TelePresence. But, you’ve not been able to experience it…yet. Now, you have your chance. TelePresence is life-size, high-definition video conferencing by Cisco and today we announced that those of you who cannot justify installing permanent TelePresence units can now access it in what we are calling TelePresence Suites. Read more about it here.I’m a Cisco emplo…


Julia Allison and Meghan Asha Dish About Digital Cribs Via TelePresence

Last week I met with girls Julia Allison and Meghan Asha, via TelePresence, to talk about their favorite gadgets and tech trends. While the girls were in New York, NY using a CTS 1000, I spoke to them from the Cisco San Jose, CA office using a CTS 3000. In this clip the girls talk about what it was like to be on Digital Cribs and the gadgets they have collected since the taping. Check it out… Cisco Digital Cribs — Meghan As…


VOTE: Cisco TelePresence? OR Second Life?

…tive as being across the table from a life-size, high-definition picture of a real person (or persons) via Cisco TelePresence is pushing it. Nothing beats a real face to face conversation and, if you can’t have that, the next best thing is Cisco TelePresence. Collaboration has a lot of tools in the tool-box and WebEx and other unified communications tools play a role as well in this conversation, but, let’s be honest, Cisco TelePres…