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Is it Really Possible to be in Two Places at Once?

…e not physically, but according to a recently released report from Aberdeen Group, “Being in Two Places At Once: Telepresence versus video conferencing in the enterprise,” telepresence and video conferencing are doing a very convincing job of bringing colleagues and peers from across the globe together for true-to-life collaboration that transcends geography. Driven by a need to facilitate collaboration among geographically dispersed employees an…


Can you help me write this paper….

I spent a redeye flight to Barcelona last week to pen draft-1 of this doc. Then added a few things in from internal feedback. But before publishing this anywhere and doing the usual lobotomizing to the doc to make it tighter and such I wanted to submit it ‘in the raw’ and get direct feedback… The attempt here is to discuss ‘What is Cisco’s Virtualization Story’ and then discuss how Virtualization affects IT…


Cisco TelePresence provides a bright spot at Retail’s Big Show

Cisco’s TelePresence is proving a surprise hit at the National Retail Federation’s ‘BIG Show’ in New York this week.Industry icons such as Walmart CEO Lee Scott Jr have offered a very pragmatic perspective there on the industry’s prospects for the coming year, a sentiment which has delegates focused on saving money, strengthening customer relationships and better communicating with staff. Cisco TelePresence is gen…


Guilt-Free AND Green with TelePresence

…a spotty proposition. With just three hours left of the flight, I drifted off to sleep, dreaming about the day TelePresence is ubiquitous. . .Endpoints as common as the telephone: I could dial the nursing home’s TelePresence number on my IP phone and visit with Grandma Eileen before I start work every morning. My mother-in-law could see her American grandchildren and teach them what she calls”proper” English. I could attend s…


New Cisco Record for a Video Meeting

…n person. This time, however, the meeting, which happened yesterday morning, was only via IPTV, the web and via TelePresence. Sites from Research Triangle Park, NC; Austin; Boxborough, MA; London; Netanya, Israel; and Montreal were beamed in via TelePresence and cameras in the room broadcast out CEO John Chambers, CFO Frank Calderoni and EVP, Ops Randy Pond to employees watching via the web and IPTV all over that world. This approach set a n…