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Smart Grid: the Evolving Energy Landscape

…scale that were derived from centralized power generation and distribution. How Electric Utilities are Getting Smarter In the 20th century, electric utilities evolved once again — during a period of regional power company consolidation. In the 1920s, it was common for utilities to join together, thereby  establishing a broader utility grid as combined operations gained the benefits of sharing peak load coverage and back-up power sources. T…


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Milestone in Connecting the Internet of Things – RPL Routing Standard Completed

…ed computing resource like a server, or to each other. The Internet of things refers to IP private networks and smart objects connected to the public Internet. The number of applications is only bounded by imagination with applications on Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Industrial Automation, Connected Cars to mention a few. The number of things connected to the Internet exceeded the world population in 2008 – and will only grow. Projections have the n…


Is Network Technology a Key Enabler for Smart Eco-City Development?

…ounder and CEO of several companies and as a Board member of the California ISO, Dr. Cazalet described TeMix’s “Smart Transactive Energy Services” as “useful for eco-city smart grids.”  He explained that his company’s technology will “optimally coordinate renewable energy production, storage, grid demand, and traffic among all components and players on the grid.” He included in his presentation a review of renewable energy micro-grids, including…


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World Wide Technology ‘Climbs the Charts’ as a Utility Game Changer—You Can, Too!

…ure this market, WWT has positioned its Energy and Utilities practice to be fully engaged in the creation of a “smarter” grid by focusing on three foundational elements of the transformation, including: Data Center Consolidation (Smart) As part of its Data Center practice, WWT has developed advanced technology skills, deep industry expertise, and the long-standing technology partnerships needed to design, deploy, and provide the most sophisticate…


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Top Cisco Partner Headlines: New Tools for 2012, Innovations, Bulletproof Networks, and More!

…ons, a new ad campaign to reach customers, a pop quiz, partner tools for success in 2012, powering up connected grids, building a bulletproof networks for gamers, how to rock the Cius, and more. Tune in and get all of your Cisco partner news, in less than five short minutes. For a full transcript of what we covered, including links and time stamps so you can easily find information, keep reading.  0:32 Know It, Use It, Sell It: One Partners&#…


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