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Cisco Shows Oil and Gas Cost-Saving Technologies at Automation Fair

…e on-site safety, and reduce flat time, and the Cisco Secure Ops Solution: learn how to more effectively manage cyber security risk and compliance requirements in your industrial automation environments. Protect against risks, improve efficiency, and reduce site downtime. Watch out for more ways Cisco is helping oil and gas customers to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and help companies get to first oil faster with lower risk.  …


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New IT Harvest White Paper: How Policy-Based Software Defined Segmentation and Cisco TrustSec Improve Security

…rther, it argues that Cisco TrustSec provides the right technology for leveraging the network to provide better security. Mr. Stiennon discusses how the rise of sophisticated and dedicated attackers has left traditional access controls as a meager defense due to a reliance on enforcement that is mainly located at the perimeter. These attackers include well-funded nation states, cyber-criminal organizations, and of course malicious insiders as wel…


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Welcome Matt Morris to the Cisco Energy Industry Blog

…, or appeared at, many events, conferences and shows as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Cisco in the areas of security and threat response : ShaleCom West – Network Security: Keeping Outsiders off your Network and out of your Data. April 22, 2014. DistribuTECH 2014, San Antonio, Texas, January 28-30th, 2014 ICS Cyber Security Conference 2014, Atlanta Georgia, October 20-23rd, 2014 Recently, Matt lead the launch of the Secure Ops Solutio…


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Setting the record straight: Enterprises should not block personal Wi-Fi as a general rule

…asked the FCC to declare that “the mere presence of a personal hot spot or ad hoc client does not constitute a security threat in any venue or physical location where the public is routinely present or invited. “ This is consistent with our view that everyone should have the expectation of using unlicensed airwaves on FCC-approved devices. But what if the enterprise’s managed Wi-Fi network comes under cyber attack, such as a denial of service at…


Getting More Responsive Security by Learning From Disaster Responses

…rther losses while the company addressed the underlying weaknesses. As observed, a key attribute for responsive security is preparation—be ready to respond. Techniques such as scenario planning, fire drills, and tabletop exercises are all proven methods for preparing organizations for disaster recovery and business continuity. Many of these similar tools and methods are used in preparing organizations to be ready and responsive to cyber security


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