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The Dynamic Protective Shield of Big Data Analytics

…that comes up is why is Healthcare Security any different and why Big Data Analytics instead of the traditional approaches to protection that we have today. This was the topic of my presentation at the recently concluded COM.BigData 2014 conference in Washington DC: ‘Dynamic Protection for Critical Care Systems using Cisco Cloud web security (CWS): Unleashing the power of Big Data Analytics’. While the Health IT transitions are opening up…


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Unlock Big Data with Breakthroughs in Management Automation

Following on an excellent introduction to this blog series from Scott Ciccone on how Cisco’s solutions can help customers unlock the power of Big Data, this blog focus on management innovation that Cisco UCS brings to Big Data ecosystem. Access to more and better data is creating new sources of competitive advantage and it has increased relevance in the connected world of IoE. This is aptly reflected in quote from Stanford’s Anand Rajaram…



Unlock The Value of Big Data with Cisco Unified Computing System

…t about gathering tons of data, the digital exhaust from the internet, social media, and customer records.  The real value is in being able to analyze the data to gain a desired business outcome.   Those of us who follow the Big Data market closely never lack for something new to talk about. There is always a story about how a business is using Big Data in a different way or about some new breakthrough that has been achieved in the expansive big


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Introducing TPCx-HS – first Industry Standard for Benchmarking Big Data Systems

…ystem topologies and implementation methodologies for Hadoop, in a technically rigorous and directly comparable, vendor-neutral manner. And while modeling is  based on a simple application, the results are highly relevant to Big Data hardware and software systems. Developing an industry standard benchmark for a new environment like Big Data has taken the dedicated efforts of experts across many companies. I would like to thank the contributions…


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Save Big Money with Big Data

…this now “off-line” data which may mean missed business opportunities. What if there was a third option that would preserve the on-line access for the business analysts and control these escalating costs for IT? Cisco’s new Big Data Warehouse Expansion solution announced this week at Cisco Live provides this third option. Log in here to access the presentations at Cisco Live on Cisco’s new Big Data Warehouse Expansion. Cisco Big Data


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