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The Power of Video for Government – Improve Collaboration, Lower Costs

…this is a reality, and agencies are turning to alternatives like video conferencing. Video technologies such as telepresence are streamlining government processes and increasing collaboration, all while cutting costs. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of telepresence in agencies is enabling telework. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), one of the largest proponents of telework, continues to prove that when agencies are equipped with…


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Creating New Models for Learning with Video

…pportunities to their students. At the crux of this innovation are collaborative learning technologies, such as telepresence. From grade schools to universities, classrooms are combining video with learning and students, staff and parents are reaping the rewards. When the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina introduced telepresence to the curriculum, it completely transformed the learning experience. Recognized as a…


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A Delicious Experience: Connecting Kids in Rural Ghana with Kids at Hershey’s via Telepresence

I am often asked what it takes to create a successful telepresence experience. Usually, I respond with requirements like: a high-speed network, great lighting, good acoustic space and the right equipment. However, after a trip I took late last year, I’m going to add “stable power” to the list, and here’s why. In late 2011, my customer The Hershey Company – you may have heard of them – invited me to be involved with a new project they were kickin…


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WebEx and TelePresence – Better Together

…to see the excitement generated by Cisco’s announcement that brings together our market leading Cisco WebEx and TelePresence  solutions.  Recently I discussed this initiative in more detail with a colleague, Richard Mullen, looking at how TelePresence and WebEx working together supports our vision of pervasive conferencing and enables users to meet with anyone, anywhere, on any device. In particular, I highlight three key factors in a successful…


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Enterprise Connect Recap: Smart Desk Phones, WebEx, TelePresence, and More!

…nt greater efficiencies from their existing collaboration infrastructure and also highlighted how we are making TelePresence and WebEx work better together.  You can now extend TelePresence meetings to external users through a single WebEx link and use one interface to schedule a combined TelePresence and WebEx meeting – at no extra cost!  We also unveiled our latest addition to the enterprise desktop: the DX650 . It’s an Android based phon…


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