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Performing like an Olympian

…o find their friends in Olympic Park. Everyone from local workers to law enforcement officers to cultural volunteers to throngs of tourists are relying on smart phones and tablets everywhere they go, from offices to parks to stadiums to the subway. London is just one example of the scope of network infrastructure necessary to satisfy the ever growing number of users, devices, types of traffic and bandwidth needs infiltrating our lives. And why…


Cisco House and its Partners Earn ‘Gold’ at Summer Olympics

…r incredible technology partners. So hats off to Citrix, EMC, Intel, SAP, and Schneider Electric. They’re playing an invaluable role as we highlight a portfolio of customer- and public-facing technologies such as Videoscape, Stadium Vision, iServices, and my personal favorite, the Virtual Shopper experience. That’s worth its weight in ‘Gold.’ While Cisco has been a supplier in the past, this is the first time it’s an official sponsor of a…


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Looking back, moving forward

…ology – fun and learning in one. Their stunning pitches clearly showed how much we had captured their imagination: basketball facilities with hemp walls and real planning permission new integrated water facilities a Goalball stadium complete with ticket strategy football for the blind a hydro-electric swimming arena a triathlon event There can be only one winner – the Pringle Stadium for Aquatics in Preston. Built as a detailed model, the worthy…


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Wi-Fi Goes Public

…ers’ lifestyles (see blog posting “A New Type of Mobility”). Consumers now expect to have Wi-Fi access when they are sipping a latte in their favorite coffee shop, watching their team score the winning touchdown at the local stadium, or even when they are waiting in line to pay for their groceries. To learn more about what consumers are doing with their mobile devices, and how and where they are using them, the Cisco Internet Business Solutions…


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Connectivity Is Like Air – It Changes Everything

…spectators, and expect to engaged in more memorable, instant and lasting ways – and what’s most exciting for us to hear, is that the gateway to do that is through Cisco Connected Sports & Entertainment solutions – StadiumVision and Connected Stadium Wi-Fi.  We have invested in state-of-the-art engineering for five years and are committed to transforming the industry with our network of partners. It’s really a dream come true…


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