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Smart Trade: Cisco Is Helping Revolutionize Legacy Trade Practices Around the World

…, word is getting around — Cisco has been approached by companies in four additional countries to explore their participation in the pilot installation. In addition, “Smart Trade” has the potential to seamlessly augment other Cisco Services “Platform” initiatives (such as Smart+Connected Communities), as depicted in the diagram below: >>More… Connected Life Exchange…


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Intelligent Communities Global Blog Series–The “Connected Boulevard”: Taking the Fast Lane to the Internet of Everything

As urban growth accelerates and resources are stretched thin in cities around the globe, the concept of “Smart Cities” is more important than ever before. That’s one reason I’m excited to be in Nice, France, this week to help launch the “Connected Boulevard,” an ambitious proof of concept built to leverage and anticipate the Internet of Everything (IoE) for smart and connected city services. The Connected Boulevard is the first real-world exampl…


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Prince Philippe of Belgium Visits Cisco

…ere at the office itself. It will facilitate the process of obtaining construction licenses, for instance. Such Smart+Connected Communities solutions improve every government’s service. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Pol Vanbiervliet, Cisco Belgium GM That’s why Cisco is investing 12% of its turnover in research and development year over year. “If you don’t change, you get left behind”, John Chambers recently said in a Belgian…


Intelligent Communities Global Blog Series Kickoff, The World’s Smartest Cities”

…ic and social environment by providing community network services to its constituents, with its energy-reducing smart and connected buildings to link residents and businesses, with portals and kiosks to provide real-time services to citizens, and with smart sensors and surveillance for public safety.  I’d say they’re a pretty tough contender! If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you recently heard from Louis Zacharilla, Co-Founder of ICF, as he…


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The Smart City Council – Accelerating an Exciting Growth

…proach and manage these types of situations. Driven by Cisco’s vision for the Internet of Everything (IoE), our Smart+Connected Communities program supports the integration of intelligent networking technologies to connect cities and help leaders address these challenges. However, we fully understand that this is not a one-shot solution. The transformation of cities not only requires relevant technologies and a change in the way we think, but als…