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World IPv6 Launch and the Enterprise Network

Today is World IPv6 Launch day. World IPv6 Launch is a follow-on event to last year’s IPv6 day where IPv6 was used for a day. The World IPv6 Launch is the ultimate recognition of the “world” turning on IPv6 and leaving it on: a true milestone for the Internet. Cisco, along with major Internet Service Providers, home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming together to permanently enable IPv6. So as we…


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The IPv6 Internet for the Next Thousand (Ten Thousand?) Years!”>video

…ional efficiencies that IPv6 technology enables. No plan, or unsure, or incomplete plan? No problem! We can help. Cisco Professional Services can develop a plan which preserves your current services while preparing to deploy IPv6 and then prospering with new IPv6-enabled services in the future–all manageable via Cisco Prime Network Registrar. In the meantime you’ll want to read about the economics of IPv6 deployment, or learn more about…


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Today is World IPv6 Day – Are You In?

…eased eightfold over the past five years and will increase threefold over the next five. To support the proliferation of devices that are transforming businesses and lifestyles, enterprises and service providers are adopting IPv6-enabled networks. Anyone who has taken the road to IPv6 knows it’s not about flipping a switch. Many things need to be in order beforehand, and it takes expertise and planning to understand the manifold contingencies…


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T-Minus Zero and Liftoff! World IPv6 Launch Has Begun.

…tratospheric levels of growth and innovation the world has come to expect. Cisco has been preparing for some time and is proud to be among the founding participants of the World IPv6 Launch. Cisco has now permanently enabled IPv6 on  and has IPv6 enabled by default throughout our line of Linksys E-series home routers. We are rolling out IPv6 progressively across our own enterprise network, are leading the way in IPv6


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Cisco IT and World IPv6 Launch – All Systems Go!

…d IPv6 Launch. We’re using the ACE30 to proxy IPv6 user traffic to our IPv4-only web servers. We’ve been diligently preparing for June 6. Here are the key IPv6 projects allowing Cisco to successfully participate in the World IPv6 Launch: 1. The IPv6 Core Project – Focused on the foundations of our network and deploying the IPv6 core regional tunnel head-ends and dual stacking CAPNet. This means the entire network is ready to support both…