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General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.) Addresses Forum via Telepresence

…y and work towards improving processes, organizations and people.  He is truly an inspiring speaker and leader. Telepresence allowed us to gather dozens of leaders — across the country — for one event without a single flight being taken.   Audience members were located in four of our regional TANDBERG offices (Reston, VA; Dallas, TX; New York; NY and Boston, MA) and connected via TANDBERG Telepresence.   With the exception of the lucky few that g…


Cisco TelePresence for Design Collaboration

Last year, I blogged about some projects we’ve done using Cisco TelePresence for usability testing and customer interviews.  We have also begun using Cisco TelePresence quite a bit for collaborative design. Here are pictures from two recent projects we’ve been using TelePresence for. The first is from a recent landing page and Flash review, which our LA partners are working on. That’s Maureen’s head you see in San J…


Higher Education Goes Green with Cisco TelePresence

…ology thinkers meet and collaborate about ways to enhance and extend learning. A lot of them have adopted Cisco TelePresence, not only as way to create new educational and business models, but also as a way to be more sustainable.  The more conventional way to be sustainable with Cisco TelePresence is to reduce travel between various campuses.  Take a look at what conference attendees had to say about that in this video:   But th…


Cisco Learning Partners Breaking New Ground with Collaboration

…usion, and Simulclass are examples of how we utilize collaborative technologies such as Cisco’s WebEx and TelePresence to provide an effective training solution to clients enrolled in our Cisco classes.  These collaborative technologies allow us to transform the traditional instructor led classroom environment into an online virtual classroom with the added convenience of attending from wherever you choose eliminating the need to trave…


30 Rock Preview: Really funny vignette with Cisco TelePresence

…shows. And I’ll be tuning in for sure this Thursday evening (9:30 EST / 8:30 CST / 9:30 PST) to catch a really funny bit where Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) encounters bed bugs, a Cisco TelePresence system and the GE board of Directors. We’ve posted a pretty hilarious video preview so you can enjoy it ahead of time. Enjoy! P.S. If you can’t catch it live or on your video box, you can watch later on Hulu or iTunes.    …