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Nurse Aida and the Human Network Effect

…years.Except it was. Dr.Wilson was in Los Angeles. I was in San Jose on Cisco campus. We were doing this over a Telepresence session at the Cisco Healthpresence virtual clinic, with Registered Nurse Aida doing the honors locally. Now, it wasn’t as if this were my first Telepresence experience and that I was wowed by it. Far from it, being at Cisco, I’ve been exposed to it so many times over the past year or so that I’ve almost…


Is Web Site Design Obsolete?

…e designed too, even if they’re deep within the site. For instance, if you land on this page about Public Telepresence, you are probably curious about some basic things like what Public Telepresence is, where you can host meetings, and how to get started. I guarantee you that somebody thought about these things and designed them into this page. What’s more, there’s a standard structure to this page that can get you to general…


Report: Telepresence Can Help Businesses During Economic Crisis

More and more organizations today are leveraging technologies like video conferencing, telepresence and unified communications in a bid to improve communications capabilities, reduce costs and stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. In the current state of the economy, with the recession impacting just about all industries, research firm Frost & Sullivan believes these solutions provide a viable solution to not only face current challeng…


Can TelePresence Make me a better Manager?”

…the world. I believe that Cisco managers, like myself, can create greater rapport and better relationships over TelePresence than with a telephone call. There are also events like mid-year reviews that can be delivered with the impact of TelePresence and help keep the high performance employee more engaged and feel like they are more closely tied to the team and its objectives. The consulting firm Towers Perrin found in 2007 that only “œon…


The $100 Billion Collaboration Stimulus Plan of 2009 – Part 1

…an they ever imagined. Imagine meeting with your CEO or your customer’s?The best-known justifications for Telepresence are reductions in travel expenses and time lost in transit. But the singular benefit of this technology is the meeting experience itself; that is, the full engagement employees bring to these meetings. If reduced travel time and expense is the locomotive, engagement is the freight of the Telepresence train. Contrast this w…