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Do This or Do That? Try “Doing Both”

…220;when companies face key strategic decisions, they often take one path and abandon the other. They focus on innovation and new business models at the expense of core businesses or vice versa. They stress discipline and sacrifice flexibility. They focus on customers and ignore partners.  And they struggle.”  The book argues that there is a better way: Doing both. Read the first chapter below and, if interested in more, go to…


Cisco Live to Spotlight Innovation

…quo;s Energy & Environment category (though not putting down the prize money) in an effort to promote green innovation and create the next generation of highly efficient cars, Cisco’s Guido Jouret says. “If the market had an answer to this problem we wouldn’t need to create a prize,” says Jouret, who is vice president and chief technology officer of Cisco’s Emerging Technologies Group. “But what the…


Cisco@25: CTO, Padmasree Warrior’s Perspective on Innovation at Cisco

In the next Cisco@25 video blog series, Cisco’s CTO Padmasree Warrior shares her perspective on Cisco innovation and where she sees technology in the next 25 years.  Padmasree Warrior sees Cisco driving innovation and new ideas in phases. The first ideas come internally in the company, such as TelePresence. The second phase being outside of the company, such as Smart Grid. Warrior explains that Cisco “thinks of innovation as goi…


Cisco Welcomes Russian President Medvedev

…y did the Russian President visit Silicon Valley, you ask?  Silicon Valley is the birthplace of technology innovation.  We have created products that have changed lives around the world.  Silicon Valley is a true melting pot where people from every country and walk of life come together to create, transform and take on the world’s most daunting challenges.  President Medvedev’s visit demonstrates that we live in an…


Sometimes we can’t see the “Innovation” through the “Wars”

…tegic partners instead of just suppliers. But more than anything else, the C-level discussions today are about Innovation. Innovation in raw technology; innovation in technology delivery models; innovation in using technology to radically change business models; innovation in partnership models. Many customers I speak with are in markets where the pace of change is incredibly fast. Fast in the sense of market-leaders being on top in Year 1 an…