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Home Networking Made Easy through Pure Innovation

…f our Valet line of home wireless routers that make home networking a plug-n-play experience.  This latest innovation is in direct response to the needs of the market, but perhaps even more exciting is that it’s a solid proof point of the collaboration occurring between some of the newest additions to our Cisco Consumer Products Group– namely Pure Digital and Pure Networks.  Think about it– by combining the people that…


Cisco Recognized for Ethics and Social Innovation

…working Academy, now in its second decade, is also the recent recipient of The Financial Times-Justmeans Social Innovation Award for Best Stakeholder Engagement.  The Social Innovation Awards present a forum for organizations to highlight their latest concepts and practical applications to improve and advance social needs and better business.    At Cisco we are proud and honored to be recognized for our commitment to and focus on…


Riding the Innovation Wave…or Just Treading Water?

…he newest Intel processor becomes a platform upon which we build some interesting things by layering on our own innovations.  However, as I worked my through another article, I began to wonder if we were the only ones thinking that way.  In this interesting InfoWorld article, Paul Venezia reviews three of the latest blade server offerings based on the Westmere processor (Cisco UCS was not one of the systems reviewed).  The interest…


A Brief History of Set-Top Box Innovation

Given all the recent and turbulent attention on “innovation,” as it relates to set-top boxes and IP gateways, I’d like to provide some industrial context. As a company involved in set-top and IP gateway innovation for almost half a century, we certainly have an informed viewpoint. After all, set-top boxes are a core part of our video DNA. Let’s briefly review the innovation chronology for the cable set-top box. The origin…


Driving Partner Innovation with Borderless Networks”>this

The concept of a truly Borderless Network that allows you to securely connect to anyone, anywhere, at anytime has been just that: a concept. That is, until today’s news that brings along a host of Borderless Networks solutions to make this idea a reality. These new network services, solutions, and programs being introduced today bring the flexibility and security to help your customers truly think — and work — outside the box…