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Innovation: Then and Now @ Interop 2010

The saying goes that to know where you are going, you have to know where you have been.  And so I reflected on next week’s Borderless Networks events at Interop 2010.  Interop has been around for a long time; over 20 years.  And during that time, there is no question that innovation has changed the way we live, learn, work and play.   The very first Interop show in 1985 was all about TCP/IP.  Dan Lynch, the &ldquo…


Cisco Egypt: The Team Driving Innovation

Olaf Krahmer, President and General Manager of Cisco Egypt, and Elisabeth De Dobbeleer, Director, Operations, recently invited me to Egypt.  I arrived at the Cairo office on Sunday and joined a vibrant team discussion led by Olaf on our fiscal year planning. I felt very welcomed by the team and it was a great opportunity to learn about Egypt and see our people in action. What’s on People’s Minds? I decided to capture some of the…


CiscoGeeks Survey: Network Operators Indicate Borderless Network Priorities

…in, some answers point to rising business expectations of the network. Here, the strong support for Mobility and Innovation are very encouraging. Our networks are stepping forward to accommodate the new on-the-move user. And even better, the network is moving from being a basic connection utility to a high-impact business system – one that promotes rather than stifles business innovation. What is Cisco doing on these fronts? Again, to name…


Cisco I-Prize: Innovation in Healthcare

Healthcare is in dire need of reform and innovation. Western economies are spending between 8-17% of GDP on healthcare costs (with widely varying results—note: those that spend the most aren’t getting the best results).1 Increases in costs are rising faster than inflation or average earnings. Sooner or later something has to give. Geoffrey Moore2 likes to say that when there’s an imbalance of supply and demand, innovation thriv…


Testament to Innovation—Cisco Webex on the Apple iPad

Yes the hype is real…….Cisco WebEx Meeting Center is a new application on the Apple iPad!  Now available for download from Apple App Store, users have added flexibility of collaborating with Cisco WebEx Meetings from a PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.  For those Apple fanatics that are the first to get an iPad this weekend, I look forward to hearing your feedback…… Besides being a business collaborator from the ne…