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Innovation: Then and Now @ Interop 2010

…p;Interop has been around for a long time; over 20 years.  And during that time, there is no question that innovation has changed the way we live, learn, work and play.   The very first Interop show in 1985 was all about TCP/IP.  Dan Lynch, the “father” of Interop, envisioned a gathering of vendors coming together to test the interoperability of their TCP/IP implementations.  Interop played a meaningful role in th…


CiscoGeeks Survey: Network Operators Indicate Borderless Network Priorities

…sp;     31%            (16) Business innovation……………………………………            31%            (16) Better use of security policies……………&he…


Cisco I-Prize: Innovation in Healthcare”>

Healthcare is in dire need of reform and innovation. Western economies are spending between 8-17% of GDP on healthcare costs (with widely varying results—note: those that spend the most aren’t getting the best results).1 Increases in costs are rising faster than inflation or average earnings. Sooner or later something has to give. Geoffrey Moore2 likes to say that when there’s an imbalance of supply and demand, innovation thriv…


Testament to Innovation—Cisco Webex on the Apple iPad

…Besides being a business collaborator from the newest devices, what I find even more cool and impressive is the innovation and speed to which Cisco WebEx teams developed the cloud-based application.   It took less than 60 days for the development team to conquer concept design, coding, testing, and launch.  To get more behind the scene details on this announcement tune into the podcast:…


Home Networking Made Easy through Pure Innovation

…f our Valet line of home wireless routers that make home networking a plug-n-play experience.  This latest innovation is in direct response to the needs of the market, but perhaps even more exciting is that it’s a solid proof point of the collaboration occurring between some of the newest additions to our Cisco Consumer Products Group– namely Pure Digital and Pure Networks.  Think about it– by combining the people that…