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Will Innovation Lead Us Out of the Economic Crisis?

In a recent interview with Business Week, Amar Bhidé, Lawrence D. Glaubinger Professor of Business, Columbia University, had this to say when asked if the current economic weakness is going to inspire more innovation, and result in a positive outcome from the crisis: It’s going to be positive in two respects. One is that [recession] is often a stimulus for the adoption of new technologies. The decade of highest productivity growth in the 2…


Independence with clouds is the way to innovation

…and placed applications and computing power into the hands of users in the form of personal computer. How many innovations have come from people who think a little differently working in their garage or after hours in the office?But we are slowly falling back into the days of centralized controlling IT. With the wondrous innovations of web based services, applications are moving more centralized again. No longer can I install an application…


Standing on the shoulders of giants: Promoting innovation through active collaboration

I was reading Matthew’s Blog and John Donne’s famous meditation XVII and what stuck me is the universality of the statement, devoid of any religion. What is also striking is the parallel that we can draw from something so seemingly philosophical to our current efforts around collaboration and open technologies, where the community comes together as a microcosm to collectively promote innovation No company can afford to be an island….


VIDEO: CTO Response to Questions on Unified Computing

…vel. That is why—as an industry—it is vital that the leaders of IT cooperate to drive the technology innovation and transformation to help advance our customers, industries and economy.Change brings challenges, and challenges lead to innovation. We’ve decided to embrace the challenge and believe that we can innovate for the good of our customers.Cooperation among competitors is not new. And make no mistake, in a consolidating m…


Introducing Unified Computing to the Data Center

“œI’ve discovered that the less I say, the more rumors I start” -Bobby ClarkeLately, there has been a lot of speculation by the technorati that”something is going on over at Cisco!” I am sure you have all read the blogs and reports in traditional media asserting that Cisco is going to enter new markets, compete for new business, and build new products. The answer? Yes, Yes and Yes, of course!Yes, Cisco is entering…