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United Nations: Walking the Talk on Climate Change with Cisco TelePresence

…t. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, who spoke via Cisco TelePresence from the  Bella Center to President Lee Myung-Bak of South Korea. South Korea’s major broadcasting stations were on hand at the Parliament building, capturing the conversation.  Scroll down on this page and watch the video for a front-row view of the proceedings. So far, we’ve had meetings between the…


NGOs Drive Creative Uses of Cisco TelePresence

Cisco TelePresence celebrated its third birthday last month, and it’s become an integral part of the way we work.  But we’re so close to it, we take for granted how innovative it can really be. Through our sponsorship at COP15, we’ve been able to view Cisco TelePresence through the fresh eyes of non-governmental organizations.  And, as befitting one of the most dynamic forces in climate change discussions today, they&…


Calculating the Net Carbon Impact of Cisco TelePresence

A question we get a lot is:  how much can Cisco TelePresence really help my company reduce its carbon footprint? Happily, now we can help.  Today, we’re unveiling the Cisco TelePresence Calculator, a handy mobile web application that helps you figure out how much carbon and currency you save with a deployment that you can model.  It’s really easy to use:  try it. Better yet, the methodology underlying the calculat…


Greening the UN Climate Change Conference: One Telepresence Meeting at a Time

…be featured on the program.  What’s more, the idea of using real-to-life technologies, such as Cisco TelePresence, is really catching on at the highest level of governments around the world. The Global Climate Change Meeting Platform that we announced at the end of October has been in full swing, with ‘anchor tenants’ expanding to include not just the five UN offices and the Danish government we mentioned earlier, but also…


Giving Thanks for Cisco TelePresence (In Song and On the Violin)

 With several hundred Cisco TelePresence suites installed at Cisco sites around the world, we employees sometimes get a little blasé about how easy it has become (for example) to have a face-to-face meeting with a colleague in Budapest, Hungary one day (this morning), and then another face-to-face group meeting between London, Moscow, San Jose, Seattle and Washington DC a few days later (next Monday actually)…