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Cisco welcomes launch of first ever U.S. National IP Strategy

…agazine I was reminded once again of Edison’s importance to America’s historic strength in science, innovation and discovery. Edison’s goal was to create a “minor invention” every ten days and a “major invention” every six months.  His track record was astounding:  1,093 total patents and key breakthroughs such as the phonograph, storage battery, early motion picture technology and the filament…


Russian President Medvedev visits Cisco HQ in San Jose

…g Center. Following the demos, Cisco confirmed a 5 phase, multi-year $1B commitment to the Russian technology innovation agenda over the coming decade.    As part of this overall initiative, Chambers also signed an MoU with Viktor Vekselberg to confirm that we will establish a physical presence in Skolkovo in Russia to develop a second headquarters for our Emerging Technologies Business Group under Senior Vice President Marthin D…


Do This or Do That? Try “Doing Both”

…220;when companies face key strategic decisions, they often take one path and abandon the other. They focus on innovation and new business models at the expense of core businesses or vice versa. They stress discipline and sacrifice flexibility. They focus on customers and ignore partners.  And they struggle.”  The book argues that there is a better way: Doing both. Read the first chapter below and, if interested in more, go to…


Cisco’s Strategy is 7″ Wide

…ople and businesses evolved, merging the need for business interaction and personal interactions. With each new innovation or acquisition, we stressed the need for intelligence in the network fabric as the unifying element to bring together the next generation of digital communications. In the engineering labs and in the field with customers, we worked extremely hard to unify many distinct elements into seamless solutions.  For most of our c…


Innovation vs Commoditization, Revisited

  So, a couple of weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation going with a fellow blogger Steve Duplessie about our prospects versus a certain vendor of IT gear and office supplies.  Steve’s contention was that our competition’s ability to push the “commodity envelope” would give them a strategic advantage. At the time, I argued that pushing the commodity envelope (i.e. making things cheaper) only gets you so…